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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Demons, The Alien Mind

This here is an excerpt from  "Alien Mind - A Primer"  by George LoBuono

Chapter 15. Within a Hyperversal (Demon) Community

Note: [ I.F.S.P. = Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets ... I.E. Demonics.]

"They get universal news, and they live for “millions” of years, according to at least one hyperversal’s (demon's) report. As a result, some Hyperversals (demons) can be subtly condescending - as though to suggest that the hell of IFSP (demonics) destruction and criminality that we’re going through is intended to dissuade us of our sexuality - for ecological reasons.

*In other words, too bad that we’ve lost control of our government, but when left as we are, humans could become a threat. The question, from our perspective is: a threat to what, or whom?

One of the most arrogant Hyperversals (demons) have stated that there is no legal order to rely upon. His drift was that humans must conform within a hierarchical kind of schema, or perhaps perish. Meanwhile, there is a precisely defined, when not mathematical order of being in all that happens, nearly tao-like consequences, albeit more active in character than is the traditional Taoist outlook. It’s inconceivable that hyperversal (demon) societies don’t have carefully evolved legal structures, although some may assert that humans haven’t signed legitimate treaties with off-world governments.

Ironically, humans who fawningly accept the dogma of the Verdant/gray (demons/demons) IFSP (demonics) don’t hear a word about Hyperversals (demons).

Instead, they hear infantile remarks about “angels” and invisible others, instead. And why do IFSP (Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets)(demonics) aliens omit mention of Hyperversals (demons)? Apparently, it’s because some Verdants (demons) in the IFSP (demonic) want to play God and take the lion’s share of whatever they can get—for the Verdants (demons), primarily.

One Verdant (demon) tried to convince Phillip Krapf that Verdants (demons) are the only superpower, when, instead, they aren’t even remotely like such an entity.

* The greater order of being isn’t about power and control but interacts mutually on more highly evolved terms, irrespective of technological prowess.

Absence of sexuality among some Hyperversals (demons) has made them more civilized and capable but I’ve noticed that some can dunder into a place and, whether wittingly or not, play to an epic sense of grandeur.

They can casually sit and watch humans die by the millions, in part due to IFSP(demonics) manipulations. Meanwhile, Hyperversals (demons) will openly explain what is going on, even though we can’t possibly compete with IFSP (demonics) goons when our public remains uniformed, our government hijacked and corrupted by cabal elements who, whether they know it or not, work to divide and corrupt humankind (to the advantage of IFSP (demonics) aliens).

Watching from a distance, the typically detached and aged yet “healthy” hyperversal (demon) can observe, adding his or her own, colossal sense of drama to it all - while our planet gets trashed by a criminal regime that cuts secret deals with the IFSP (demonics).

One hyperversal (demon) remarked that such a situation can drive a planet to death, a people to slave-like desperation, and, in the end, life has simply been extinguished. Ironically, potential problems for Hyperversals (demons) will have been eliminated."


These Demons can be read about further in here. But I don't know how much of it are lies just to hoodwink the reader. To me, it all sounds like a great big lie. Check it out for yourself.

                              The Contact Has Begun. Part 3


And here's a short PDF story.... Close Encounters On Capitol Hill, by Robert M. Stanley

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