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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valleys.

Did you ever get the feeling someone was trying to get a hold of you... but you were sleeping? or too busy and couldn't see 360 degrees all around you in that moment? Well, I have been feeling that for quite a while now. The past year or so, I've been constantly seeing double numbers, on clocks, on people's lawn (house numbers), car license plates, buildings, movies, etc. And double numbers always mean spiritual things because they are master numbers. So I'm reading this book, and I come across this paragraph, and suddenly I feel mmm? strange, uneasy, like someone's trying to reach me. It also reminded me of when I read Ramtha's books. Every once in a while I come across a phrase and I feel like they are trying to communicate something to me. My mom, a year before she passed away, had told me that she had a couple of visions and she didn't tell it to anyone except for me. How's that for targeting? Well the one vision could have been anything. But it was her second vision which targeted me, and so I couldn't deny it was to me. The first vision she told me was of a rose in full bloom, very big, in her face. The second vision was of a (hahaha) lady's legs dancing on top of tables, with fire all around, but she wasn't burned. (I use to be a dancer, burlesque). My mother didn't know what I did for a living at that time, in fact I never told her. I bet when she passed away, she was surprised to find out...a lot of things no doubt.

 So, you know? Here's the excerpt I just came across, once more, that tells me.... s o m e o n e   i s  
t r y i n g   t o   g e t   a   h o l d   o f   m e    aaaaaaah!

From: WHO, IN FACT, YOU REALLY ARE, by Cosmic Awareness
Page 29

"For this discourse now, we will jump into that science of the living universe focusing attention on that future science which may or may not be termed Universal or Cosmic Biophysics or what this Awareness now calls Cosmic Metaphysics, for they are the same thing under different names. Whatever it is named, it will deal with the information systems actively and willfully used by nature and the universe.

These information systems are closely related to words. Words are sound or written patterns that are used to represent an action, state, or thing, abstract or concrete, or which links, modifies or describes such. Words are real, but they are not the things they describe or stand for. A rose as a rose, is not just a word, but the flower that blooms. Yet by the law of substitution, the word can have an indirect effect on the thing the word symbolizes. In some cases, it can have a more direct effect, as happens when one’s name is called. (Feels like someone is calling me, for some reason).

The importance of the role words play in metaphysical teachings cannot be overstated. It is in the power of words to substitute for the real thing that words have meaning."

What do you think?

Do you think someone's calling me?

Trying to get a hold of me?

Reach me?

What do you feel? Does your instinct say anything? Or did you stomp out your instinct and replace it with all that garbage mind-control hypnosis of the .... what they call 'collective' society?

You think about it.

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