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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun Day!

     Oh hey all, by the way, Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry for the late entry. I know, I know, I know, I work too much. But I love it! Work is SO fun! But to keep a balance, let's say this is a fun post. In this post we'll teach you how to read six books all at the same time. Ok. So. I've put up a bunch of books, mostly in PDF form, lately. If you wonder how you're going to read all those books, then listen up. I have a new invention. You don't have to take one book and read from beginning to end first before you go to another book. What you do to make your life easier is you get a bunch of books, like let's say six for us here, and you make sure they're all in the same subject line or similar. Then you open up all those PDFs on your computer and you make them into nice compartmentalized boxes, for example, you take out the panes (Hide Navigation Pane Button) to your left. You use the + button to make the written word a little larger so you can easily read it. Then you contract the sides of the box so it fits the writing into the box with no borders, or hardly any on each side of the page. Then you click on all the PDFs so they're up on the screen in front of you, and you arrange them so that they are sort of like a staircase. That way you can click on the entire array in front of you easily to get to the next book, or PDF in this case. So you read about 10 or twenty pages of one book, then you click on the next book and do the same until you've read about 20 pages of each book. That way you get the whole picture in a flash. The knowledge flows freely in your mind to connect one picture with another, and that way, you won't just get one authors take on things, instead you'll get YOUR take on what's going on, with YOUR own ideas of what IS. You always want a variety of views so you can use your own mind to decide what the fuck, you know? That's how you read 6 books in one sitting. And of course you can do what I do when you're finished a session. You just put your computer to sleep so all those PDFs are still there the next time you visit your computer. Now that's the way to get a shit load of work done in a small amount of "Causal", or another word for that, Time.

Anyway, enjoy the fun day today. Get your head out of the t.v. and do something real fun for a change. Read!

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