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Friday, February 7, 2014

Kid catches predatory UFO on film WITH sound effects of the craft!

In the car at night when you look at the little sister, she has awfully BIG eyes... I wonder if she's part human part alien. The entire family gets abducted.

So what do you think? Is it real? Or is someone just playing a hoax? I mean, look at the part where the mother gets abducted. There's this special effects sound. Is that the result of the ufo that the camera slowed down for a short while and you then hear that sound? Or is that someone making a hoaxed video?

Well whatever. This next one hellishly rings "true to life" on this planet. Check it out!

( Eight hours later after I posted this video here, out of the blue, surfing, I ended up on this site called DMT Nexus, and I read some very interesting possession-by-aliens experiences by some of these people: "Alien possession"/Glossolalia ...

...Also: "I learned alot more than what was being reported publicly about alien abductions. And that is the milab element, the paranormal anomalies and experiences that abductees have that indicate the aliens are interacting on a much deeper level than simple “medical physical abductions” or even milab operations. It goes deep into the psyche on multidimensional levels of being. In other words, the aliens could interact and affect us in our interpersonal lives, relationship orchestrations, dream visitations and all kinds of testing and training scenarios, emotional testing, psychological and spiritual interactions. And of course what I termed the “distractions, disruptions and spiritual warfare element” of alien and milab investigations." This was taken from: Interview of Eve Lorgen.  And here's the other interview: Aliens As Transdimensional Parasites )

 In this next video, the man also, as in the top video, was predated upon by some aliens, but he escaped by taking a picture of the alien, so maybe that scared the alien into submission, since they might have thought the camera was a weapon.

Man Escapes Alien Abduction With Pictures To Prove It

Now this next one is very strange. But I too have had some unusual things happen to me on the computer that dealt with communication from other sources, except I think the source that was communicating with me was a friendly one. This one that appears on these kids computer just seems...mh, not right. It was talking about personal things to the person, but the one that was communicating with me was telling me that everything was going to be alright for humanity and there was some wisdom messages sent too. So I think those who were communicating to me were "service to others" beings, while the one talking to the young person in this video seems to be a service to self" being. I'm listening to my intuition.

Real Alien appears on Camera During Skype Call. Very Scary!

HD Real Aliens Make Contact! Best Evidence of Alien Transmission via Skype!

Now this one is FREAKY. And I'll just leave it at that. You make the connections. (hint, the second video from top).

Aliens Earth Takeover 2013 Full Length possible Aliens running the World Alert

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