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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Controllers. The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities & the Process Of Alien Abduction

This guy is a great writer. Even though (he misses the mark) the substance isn't the best. Nevertheless, he's on the right track. Another good read. But still, you have to keep in mind, that the controllers? are NOT the humans, hahahahaha. Hello00o.

The Controllers: New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction by Martin Cannon (can't find the link)

Anyway. So much for that one. Here's a better book to read. You gotta admire Laura Knight Jadczyk. She's the one who brought us The Cassiopaeans. A very fine lot indeed. So, don't waste time when it doesn't exist. Go read something worth reading. Here it is:

The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities and the Process of Alien Abduction - Laura Knight Jadczyk

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