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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ahhhhhh Angels Sing

"Cosmic Awareness: Strictly speaking, there is no “game plan” but rather an unfolding, a constant continual infinite unfolding of that single thought that originated all, that thought of the Prime Source, that thought that sought to know itself and in that thought, in that desire, in that intent, the door was opened for the Prime Source, the Creator Almighty, to commence an action that would have infinite possibilities."  -- 2012 & The Ascension

But one perfect place.

Meaning, the inside, the entire, the whole. The infinite possibilities are still, always there, but the straight and narrow road back to home, is in there, the perfect place.
 So everybody, everybody, enjoy yourselves, because I AM. 


Well, what kind of music would You like to listen to?
Whomever I'm speaking to, we'll hear your answer and serve you in good time,  remember what I said... in the meantime, let's listen to some J. Geils! Ok? ALRIGHT!


Okee dokee babies. Bloodshed.

Reputa the Beautah

Rage in the Cage

Kintra Phran ko phun

You let the Genie out of the bottle

Gene Genie

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