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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

From Monkey to Man, or from Man to Monkey?

Devle upon that for a while. Ha! Deliver the goods. Then read my explanation.+

If from monkey to man, then the situation which deals with being from MAN to monkey, then it only means laughter, a sense of humour, toward the last statement, which means  you're monkeyin round with the meaning 0f the first statement, and of course, laughing about it.

Monkeyin has always meant having a good time.

Hasn't it?

Oh it has!

"This Awareness indicates that the weather patterns, the personal involvements,
the relationships that entities had with one another, wherein difficulties were
experienced and resolved in various ways : these actions all participated in spreading
the energy among the masses so that this energy was not able to become focused
toward this particular action which had been planned in creating the World War III nuclear war."
-Cosmic Awareness 1977-09

I have ta tellya. You guys are better than you think you are. When you can go and change the 'whether' patterns in a system, then you're not as imbecilic as I was insinuating you are.

For  ex  ample     :                             Personal involvements take energy, right? Quite right, you're bloody well right. And Social involvements take energy too. Wherefore, every little step any individual takes, whether in the social, or personal life, they are actually actuating a situation to occur, consciously. So by any focus intended toward an area, it creates the conscious to go to that area, and stay there, until further notice.

Man...  Get the fuck out of the monkey business and come join us.



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