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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Face, Sad Face Masks, Meditation

I just came across an easy fun meditation which can actually steer your life in the direction you want it to go... happy!

It's from one of those Cosmic Awareness newsletters, 1977-26:

Knowing Your Frame of Reference

 Here is a meditation type of exercise which is suggested it be used each night before falling asleep and upon awakening, as is convenient.

     Visualize 2 picture frames upon a black wall of consciousness, these two picture frames being the only outlook from that wall into the world in which you live; these 2 picture frames looking out at the moment, at the Eternal Now.

Inside each picture frame is that which is occurring in your life, in the scenario of your experience at each particular moment. These moments are appearing and disappearing in frames, each one, four-quadrillionths of a second.

There are 2 picture frames and in both are the same moment, the same scenario, situation, experience of the moment. But the frame on the left carries with it the assumption that the image will become worse and worse, more painful, more difficult, more tiresome. Whereas the picture on the right carries with it the attitude and feeling that the image seen is just the beginning of a vision that unfolds into a greater and greater joy and happiness.

Above the picture frame on the right is seen that mask in drama known as the smiling happy face. Above the picture frame on the left is seen the mask of the depressed and sorrowful face.

Stand back and look at these two picture frames seeing each clearly prior to falling asleep. Just as you begin to move toward the threshold of sleep, move to the right and enter into the scene in the picture frame that shows your situation improving, bringing about greater and greater joy and harmony.

Upon awakening, move in a similar manner, visualizing the two picture frames, and find yourself entering into that frame which carries with it the smiling face, moving into the awakened state, entering the moment with the attitude and assumption that things are going to become more beautiful and harmonious.

Any time during the day when you can, take the time to flash upon these picture frames, always checking yourself to see which frame of reference you are using in your observation of the moment.

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