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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Earth Is In Need Of Being Healed, You Can Help.

Why There Is Poverty, Warfare, Competition, A Medical Profession, Etc. On The Earth Plane

Q. Member R.E. writes: "It has been stated by some communicators with extraterrestrial beings, that Earth is the only planet upon which suffering and a medical professional, along with poverty, warfare, and competition still exist in the galaxy. Will Awareness please discuss this and explain why it is thus?"

A. This Awareness indicates this is basically true; that there have been certain forces acting upon this plane. This Awareness indicates information has been given on this previously.
The planet between Mars and Jupiter, Maldek, which was blown apart by the nuclear forces working upon that planet, brought forth upon this plane the reincarnation of those entities who were there. This Awareness indicates that approximately 85% of the entities upon this plane have lived on Maldek.

This Awareness indicates that it is the Earth karma, that this be experienced and worked out; and there is the possibility that the repetition of that previous experience could occur again unless this is worked out. This Awareness indicates that the forces which are building upon this plane at this time, in terms of using nuclear power, are those which are continuing the pattern of the previous action on Maldek.

This Awareness indicates there are however, certain forces in action at this time which are assisting in bringing this into focus, and bringing greater light and understanding to this plane: that there is much effort at this time to avoid that confrontation of nuclear forces, and the chances of such an event occurring again are more remote than previously. This Awareness indicates, however, there is still that possibility.

This Awareness suggests that wherein the awareness upon this plane increases, and more entities become concerned about those controlling and manipulating forces who are using the atomic and nuclear powers for control, who are ignoring safeguards, who are spreading the use of these; as more entities become more concerned and active and aware of this, the chances shall diminish greatly.

This Awareness suggests that the clean-up of this earth may begin. There has been seen a time, 2020, for this cleaning to take place; that this can be moved ahead, as entities become more concerned and aware of the dangers involved in the pollutions and the wastes from industry and atomic and nuclear powers.

This Awareness suggests there also is the element of radiation from the sun piercing through the ozone layers upon the earth. This has long been a hindrance to harmonious life. This Awareness indicates the concept of a defective sun, emitting radiation upon entities living on this plane, affecting and causing aging: this is that which has some validity. That there is, however, the possibility of minimizing the effects of these rays: this through proper dieting, proper attitudes, and through the understanding of radiation and its effects. This Awareness indicates that much information has been given on this in the Type 17 Healing, and through other sources.

This Awareness indicates also that there have been certain efforts by extraterrestrial forces to minimize and clean up some of the radiation upon this plane; but that these forces are having difficulty relating to this action due to the ever-increasing number of reactors and nuclear spread of arms and powers.

What To Do About All That Cold Weather That Is Happening This Winter of 1977

Q. In relation to the question just answered: would there be an exercise or anything that the members of our organization could do about the nuclear power and/or the ozone layer that would be helpful?

A. This Awareness indicates that the intense weather occurring at this time is partially related to this action: that this is coming from the northern caps wherein the energies are neutralizing certain polarities on the Inner Plane that were caused by radiation excess in your atmosphere.
This Awareness indicates that in terms of action by entities upon this plane, that the exercise of visualizing the earth glowing in health and harmony is that which can benefit. This Awareness indicates this may be related unto the pulsation of 144 lights, light pulsations, visualizing the earth as previously indicated.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For readers who did not get the mailing in which this exercise was given, we reprint it on the following page. You can use this for changing the weather patterns, cleaning Mother Earth of pollution, helping to reduce the threat of atomic reactors etc. You can also use it for healing yourself or to heal others or for energizing things or situations you need, as mentioned in this and other C.A.C. (Cosmic Awareness Communications).
(Come on all you heads out there: light up and go to work. This is one exercise guaranteed to get you off. And you keepers of the flame out there in the communes, make a circle every night and do it together. This is truly magic, and it really works!)

The Cosmic Awareness 144 Light Pulsation Exercise-Meditation For Healing The Earth

From a C.A.C. reading given 8/17/1976
Paul Shockley, Interpreter

This Awareness asks that entities who read this message, to spend approximately five minutes prior to falling asleep each night for a period of one week, imaging the world floating in space, and visualizing this world as having certain areas of darkness, and feeling the presence of this world floating in space, likened unto the pictures of the earth taken from the moon.

This Awareness asks that entities then begin visualizing the earth as gathering a type of "halo" around itself: an aura of light; and to watch this light as it grows, and see this light pulsating.

This Awareness suggests that entities then count the pulsations of light, and that they count silently to 144 (one hundred and forty-four pulsations); and as this is completed, that they move themselves back into the light and back on to the earth and experience the light which they have created.

This Awareness asks that entities do this for at least seven days; that this needs to be done nightly, throughout the rest of the year, if entities can bring themselves to putting out that much energy. This Awareness indicates that the action of putting forth this energy will bring many rewards to entities under the Law of Gratitude, and they shall find themselves being healed on many levels as they move into the light.

This Awareness suggests that after entities move back into the image of the earth now lighted, they may also begin feeling the pulsations around their own body, feeling themselves pulsating as light, and may also count 144 pulsations.

This Awareness suggests this may also be used on other entities who need healing.

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