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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Real From the Unreal

In the book "The Eighth Tower" by John A. Keel, page125...

"Separating the real from the unreal in these cases is an awesome task. But this is the task I am undertaking here. A weird, unbelievable paranormal force is at work on this planet, and it is time we looked at it the way it is, not the way we think or wish it to be.
     The most damning evidence against the physicality of the creatures is their amazing ability to vanish into thin air. Dozens of times in recent years large posses of armed men, backed up by bloodhounds and helicopters, have searched the areas where the monsters were seen by reliable witnesses. Every rock, cave, bush, and gully was carefully examined. No trace of the animals, their nesting or sleeping places, or their feeding grounds has ever been found."

What he's saying here is that the 'visitors' are not from this planet, or from third density.

This excerpt is from Cosmic Awareness 1977-08

"This Awareness indicates that these times are over; that now there shall be no
force of power that can violate others without being caught in a whirlwind and brought
into the front and into the focus for all of consciousness to look at, to observe and
to bring back into realignment."

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