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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dead Fish Syndrome (Funny)

"Lila": a kind of divine game Creator is playing. The individual life forms are obviously not very important in this game. In the sea most life forms don't survive for more than a few minutes after being born. The human form turns to dust perty quickly too. And when it is gone, it is as if it had never been. Is that tragic or cruel? Only if you create a separate identity for each form, if you forget that its Consciousness is Creator Essence expressing itself in form, but you don't really know that until you realize your own Creator Essence as pure Consciousness.

If a fish is born in your aquarium and you call it John, write out a birth certificate, tell him about his family history, and two minutes later he gets eaten by another fish, that's tragic. (Shock-a-deal-ya)

Hahahaha AHhahahahahaaa! That's hilarious.

But it's only tragic because you project it as a separate self where there was none. You got hold of a fraction of a DYNAMIC process, a molecular dance, and made a separate entity out of it. (Or illusion in your mind about it. Talk about asleep, fantasizing, dreaming...a nightmare!)

Consciousness takes on the disguise of forms
until they reach such complexity
that it completely loses itself in them.
In present-day humans
consciousness is completely identified with its disguise.

It only knows itself as form and therefore lives in fear of the annihilation
of its physical or psychological form. This is the Egoic mind
and this is where considerable disfunction sets in.
It now looks as if something had gone very wrong somewhere along the line of evolution.
But even this is part of "Lila" the divine game.

(This is taken from Eckhart Tolle's The Power Of Now)

When consciousness frees itself from its identification with physical and mental forms, it becomes what we may call pure or enlightened consciousness, or Presence. (John Doe. Present! Davy Jones. Present! Spock. Present!)

This has already happened in a few individuals. And it SEEMS destined to happen soon on a much larger scale, (but we are not certain of this) although there is no absolute guarantee that this will happen. (Because it takes individual effort).

Most humans are still in the GRIPpa of the Egoic mode of consciousness. Identified with their mind and run by their mind. (aka puppets) If they do not free themselves from mind in time, they will be destroyed by it. (little fish devours poison, big fish devours little fish, big fish dies of poisoning...all dense-mind oriented fishys, gone.)

They will experience increasing confusion, conflict, violence, illness, despair, MADNESS. Egoic mind has become like a sinking ship, if you don't jump off, you will go down with it. A collective egoic mind is the most dangerous, insanely destructive entity ever to inhabit this planet.

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