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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

wango tango ted nugent

We got some here've the wango ze-tango. Brought to you by, the one and only Ted Nugent. So folks, I decided I wanted to listen to some music. I was wondering what kind of light music there was out there, and thinking's how I don't know any more the names of the musicians let alone the songs these days...so I wondered whether classical music could heal all that, and then I remembered some of those high pitched sounds, then them dropping to a crushing base. You know? So I thought, oh? Ok. Let's just look to see what I have in my playlist ready made. Nothing I really wanted to listen to either. That's when I clicked on Ted Nugent, and in my head I heard the song wago ze-tango. And this is it. Oh, by the way.To any truly observant observers, you'll see in this video, the strange amount of focus and direction this man has as a singer, as you notice all those strange grimaces all over his face, like he was in super passion. But no mistake. He sings this song very well. Take a look and a listen.

wango tango ted nugent

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