Daily Moon Phases

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rob Zombie, Happy Birthday.

Look at me, I'm sand ra dee.

Ain't no one damn thing that can make me break down and....cryyyyyyyy eye....
Oh, ohhh oh, you want the young American.....
zzzzzzzz. az long az you are sleeping too, we can take a risk and communicate. Whatcha watcha wutcha waaant?

David Bowie Young Americans

We want a lot. We want a lot. We want a lot lot lot lot . . we want a lot.

Happy Birthday, ha ha, Rob Zombie.

Love you.


Not that fuckin fuzzy rabbit you got me outfitted in yir film. Uckh!


I thought Rob Zombie would understand something like this so I put it here, trusting others to know, as well. So anyway, haah, Rob. What the fuck eh? Mh? Hmh, hmhm hmhm. Let's see, just how far we, can go.               I live in the weak and the wounded, Doc

ALRIght LET ME TALL YA, a story, I just found, tonight. As I was sharing a dinner night out with Time, I mean Tim....I was forced to go outdoors for a cigarrette, and since Tim does NOT smoke, and I DO, we have had to find a convenient way to still love one another even though we don't exactly share the same habits. So I was outside and this other human being was outside, having a smoke, like I was. I immediately noticed his T-shirt, in this weather, we all were dressed lightly. So I instantly noticed his T-shirt because it said:

I commented instantly with "Aimer" eagle outfit. So what I was meaning was that a bow and arrow are meant to aim at something, right? Right. So amer in slang lang was aimer in real lang. You know?

Then as I observed the other words on the shirt, I said OUTFIT. I told him that is what those words looked like to me because there was OUT, and then FIT, in the strangest sense....and then I realized why the word OUTFIT came to me when I first looked at it.

It is because, this man said, his mother had bought him this shirt as a gift. She picked it out in the States. So this is really what it says: AMER ICAN.

And I said, oh wow. Wonderful. I  CAN.

He didn't understand my instinct and asked, "what?" so I had to say..... Nothing. Let me show you. I pulled out a paper and a pen, copied the writing on his shirt, then showed him how A MER Focus Artist, can say I CAN......AMER  I  CAN.....three words, that really mean something. (La Petite de La Mer.)

That's what I told him I saw in his shirt, and had need of drawing for him to see to be clear about, understanding it. I told him the sign was a representation of the new America. Where the people are working together, saying I CAN, instead of 'I can't, I can't, only the government can do that.'

That was my story for the AMER....who could.


The Aimer always gets the 'medal' because they are actually working at BETTERing themeslf, rather than believing fate, haha, will better them.

No thank you fate. I know you are way too busy for me, and I respect you. I shall help you along, by, ignoring you. Thank you fate. For making this FaustyImpace, whatever the fuck you call papers you sign in 'blood'
and I'll forgive you for your impetuosity, death....ok?


                         b \ood   b/ood     dLood daddy ,    Blood  !

President Kennedy couldn't have
played a funnier tune.
Light is life
da ra da da ra

Saturday January 12, 2013 at 6:32am, 1 percent of a full moon. It's called the Waxing Crescent, because, we are JUST BEGINNING to see it.

La Petite dulla nightmare.

Vangelis - La Petite Fille de la Mer


  1. Seesaw...simple children's playground toy. Did I see what I saw? Was what I thought I saw what I had seen. Perhaps improbable. Congruency in perception and it's memory? Perhaps impossible...Though who in the motherfuck can have faith in doubt.

  2. Hahahahaha!

    Oh god. You're gorgeous!

    Wow. That pretty. That pretty putty-cat

    So where'd you learn how to fucking think, let alone write?

    Well all I can say is dahling, look at what you want to...I too do.

  3. "... Congruency in perception and it's memory? Perhaps impossible..."

    ...oh, they flicker so quvickly through the mind, through the thoughts, through the hallways and tunnels....'Perhaps impossible', but nevertheless, have you seen leaves on the ground being moved around by the Autumn wind?