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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Wizard.

The Who- But the Pinball Wizard, That's Who. He stands like a haha statue, huh? Can you can you, you can get past the first meaning of the song,which is, not quite, in your favor. BUT. with a little bit of thought, you cam, ate it. Good. You got it. THat's how it'S done. HAhahahaa.

I thought I wuz....but i wasn't.

Baby. Did you....did you press the first link in the post? Hahahahaha. Idon't blame you. I walk through a lot of posts and find there are MORE LINKS than ANYTHING eLse ... in there. So obviously, I should but I don't because I can't because I WON'T, should anything. I do know, hahahaha that there is a place to venture, and a highway, that leads you nowhere, since you're already there. But the pinball Wizard, definitely, can help you to GET THERE faster. Thank you.

It's in the link. GFucking click it.



No. no. no .  no.  Ok ?   Hehehehehe. Ok. This man, whose song on a video is about to be presented....seems to say something about,,,,hm,hm, burning down one side. What....in tarnation,
does that eanm....? Neam? Hahahaha. Fuck You.

This is to the link, SLEDGE haha hammer, by, uuuuuuuuuuu  h  h   h hhhhhhhhhh right, I remember, to the sledge hammerer. Love ya...toooo

Hellinsky. Nice name. I just found it...somwhre. I. i-i Captain. HAhahahahaa. Oh bwoy, every time I come here.............sorry, nevermind. Hehehehe/.
eh. there's a feminine side to me.
What does that mean
to what people?
What does it mean, feminine?
What is life, hahahahaha, but FRom the Feminine? Hm? Hahaha. What si efill.

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