Daily Moon Phases

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Delicate. Ethereal.

Perception of the dark, all in your (stealth) self, a sublime substance, controlled abstinence, sublime success, unworldly happiness.
A pointed eloquence, in it's sublimity, precision, eminence, of all solemnity.
An acquiescent call for the inner world.
Emulation up for sale for any outer world.
Unnecessary gun of love.
Unnecessary gun, gone.

Prong : Sublime (Ethereal)

Sublime success, control abstinence.
Sublime subset, unworldly happiness.
Uncompreh-end is yours, with no particulars.
The trappings of the dark, can never give in turn, sublime subsets, don't need abstinence.
Control success, unworldly happinesssss...


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