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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Panther Like Sound

Oh gaud. My most favorite Who song is Buba 0'Reily. Definitely. Oh the skill. Here, in this video, we have some excellent guitarmanship. I was only listening when I turned to look on the video and saw The Who musician playing the guitar. So skillfull. Love it.

The Who would do well to make a song today, called "Bell Isle Lithe and Tall".   Hahahahaha.....

Robert Plant - Worse Than Detroit (live)

Hey kitty!

I do need  more ice      icikills for my drink. To make a perfect resemblance of an eggnog drink: 2 and a half shots or three of Black Hennessey, 18% table cream, 100% pure maple syrup, use as much sweetness as they do in store-bought eggnog, then put a lot of icicles from the freezer, to blend the flavors. Hey, I just had an idea. I recently purchased nutmeg essential oil. I'll put a drop or two in and see whether it helps the flavor, and the mood....

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