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Friday, January 18, 2013

Drug Use For A Peek Into Higher Consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle's The Power Of Now...con't.

Already for most humans, the only respite they find from their own minds is to occasionally revert to a level of consciousness below thought. Everyone does that every night during sleep, but this also happens to some extent through sex, alcohol, and other drugs witch suppress excessive mind activity.

If it weren't for alcohol and other drugs like tranquilizers, antidepressants, and so-called illegal drugs which are consumed in vast quantities, the insanity of the human mind would become even more GLARINGly obviously insane, than it already is.

 (And it is glaringly insane, I can see that. After all, give them tranquilizers and antidepressants created in the laboratory just so some industry can make money and stay on the stock exchange,  instead of allowing persons to grow marijuana or valerian in their own backyard, free from monsantos made chemical pesticides which slowly or quickly kill the human who eats the plant...?  There are a lot of examples of the insanity of the human race under the influence of the egoic mind.)

I believe that, if deprived of their drugs, a large portion of the population would become a danger to themselves and others. These drugs of course simply keep you stuck in dysfunction (when you're not using them correctly, which is to get to a deeper state of consciousness every day. When you experience something on the drug, then say you only imagined it the next day, you are only staying stuck in your self-delusional egoic mind, refusing to see your true inner being for the awesomeness it truly is. It takes courage to face yourself) Their widespread use only delays the breakdown of the old mind structures and the emergence into higher consciousness. While individual users may get some relief from the daily torture inflicted on them by their minds, they are prevented from generating ENOUGH CONSCIOUS PRESENCE to rise above the thought and find true liberation. (Like I said, stop denying the unusual, get out of the usual, because the what you call normal, is actually abnormal.)

Drugs will give you a peek into higher consciousness. It is up to you to effort yourself toward the discoveries you made on drugs, into your daily life without drugs, furthering your knowledge of who you really are, by your experiences of what the plants have shown you. You cannot depend on the plants. You mustn't use them as a crutch. Otherwise you defeat the purpose of their use. Conscious effort is required for you to get past that brick wall of mind. Not a deeper slumber under the use of mind altering chemicals.

There is a reality beyond the one you were taught. There is no birth or death, only transformation. There is no dirt or grime, only purity. There is no need for consumption of food from exterior sources, for you are your own source of nourishment by your very living self. There is only love and joy and the sharing of it in creativity. But......first you need to generate ENOUGH CONSCIOUS PRESENCE. And that takes effort.

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