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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aliens are the Illuminati.

Humanity? (nudge-nudge) Time to wake up now.

Now here we have what is called the "llluminati." No sirs and madame's, it wasn't you who created the name, nor the group, my human-fellow-workers. It was Sophia who accidentally, first created this anomalous creature, which now surrounds us like a skin, like a horde, an infestation of swarming lice.
Now humanity, it is time to realize the truth. You can read my last post too...as, it goes in cinq with this one.

Once and for all, you will KNOW that the aliens are not our friends. The aliens are what are the "illuminati."

Thank you John Lamb Lash for your in-depth studies on these 'things.' For, now, we too can see it clearly. And thank you don Juan, Carlos Castaneda's mentor, who helped us to see clearly, just what the predator is.

Let's go to the chapter "THE INSANE GOD" from John Lamb Lash's "Not In His Image."

Page 180

"The Aeon Sophia is a living, self-aware current of immense magnitude. By contrast, the matter in the dema is relatively inert, not inherently alive or awake, yet it has the potential for a kind of pseudolife, a simulacrum of biological existence." (a worm. The inorganic beings, attaching themselves like worms onto a host and sucking them dry. That's the worm, the predator. Isn't the word dema like derma? Hence, the skin, the surface, the physical form.)

"A veil exists between the world above [in the galactic core], and the realms that are below [exterior, in the galactic limbs]; and shadow came into being beneath the veil. Some of the shadow [dark mass] became [atomic] matter, and was projected apart [partially formed into elementary arrays, the dema]. And what Sophia created [by her impact] became a product in the matter [the dema], [a neonate form] like an aborted fetus. And [once formed] it assumed a plastic shape molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, because it was from [neutral, inorganic] matter that it derived."

"Gnostics taught that the Archons are an imitation life-form, a mimic species. Sophia's impact produces the bizarre horde of elementals, as they are called in kabbalistic lore."

"The Archons arise prematurely -- hence the analogy to an abortion or miscarriage, from the Nag Hammadi texts."

"Archons are Sophia's offspring, in a sense, but in an entirely different way than humanity and other organic species are. They do not emerge from her divine substance, Organic Light, but from the dema. They are a freak species of inorganic composition, but they are alive and conscious in their own way.

At first, the Archons have no habitat. They swarm around like an insect colony blown savagely across interstellar space, sucked toward Sophia's currents and repulsed again. Since they were not initially projected from the Pleroma, they lack autopoetic encoding. They have no innate intentionality, ennoia. Archons present an extra-Pleromic phenomenon, a cosmic aberration, anomia.

Their emergence from the field of primal matter is premature, so they are compared to an aborted fetus. The body form of the Archon resembles a premature fetus. (you mean stuff with a big head and small bodies?). This is perhaps the most bizarre, arresting image in the Gnostic materials. (I'd say!) The Archon legion of embryonic insectoid forms, attaches itself to Sophia like an infestation of swarming lice. The cosmic miscarriage of the Goddess will have extenuating consequences for humanity." (I'd say!)

"From the Archon legion emerges a second form, a mutation called the drakonic type. The Apocryphon of John says that Sophia herself caused a leader or 'master' entity to emerge among the Archons.

"And Sophia desired to cause the thing that had no innate spirit of its own, to be formed into a likeness and rule over primal matter and over all the forces she had precipitated. So there appeared for the first time a ruler out of chaos, lion-like in appearance, androgynous, having an exaggerated sense of power within him, and ignorant of whence he came to be."

"This entity, called the Demiurge, is a weird, frightening mutation, "having a lion-like body with the head of a drakona, a reptile". (By golly David Icke, you are right! Your research has paid off!). Two types of Archons, a neonate or embryonic type, and the draconic type, are not elaborately described in the surviving materials. (Yea because they did their best to burn everything and hide it from us finding out!). They are indicated with the utmost brevity, but clearly enough to give the idea that something very bizarre is happening. The leonine-reptilian Archon, who is called Yaldabaoth, is dominant and aggressive compared to the more passive Archons whose form resembles a prematurely born fetus.

Although the "chief Archon" is androgynous, it rapidly assumes a markedly male, macho posture. He now takes charge of the extraordinary situation produced by Sophia's plunge, or at least he tries. At the conclusion of episode 5, the Demiurge proceeds to create a habitat for himself in the vastness of the galactic arms."

Now we have plenty of evidence that there are embryonic type beings, which we call the Greys, and that there are reptilian type beings, which we call Drako's, or what have you, reptiloids, draconians, lizards etc. And we know of all the insectoid creatures that work with them. Your eyes are now opened. Keep them opened.

And those archons have been fucking around with humanity for so long, that now we have a layer of derma on us, which is dead. Now try making sense, or thinking out of derma. I watched my sister Rosy pass away. She was there with us, but soon as she departed, there was nothing left but the derma, and there is no communicating with that.

I had this thought when I read don Juan's writing, Here's the excerpt from my last post: Discerning Alien Disinformation

Don Juan says: "The world that our assemblage point assembles for our perception, is made up of two bands; one is the organic band, the other is a band that has only structure, but no awareness."

And so, our most important thing to do, is to be aware of our true selves, not of the physical derma which sits on us, which the lizards put on us as a cage to hold us in...not that crap. But to get into awarness of our TRUE SELF, the self Sophia created out of the Organic Light!

And the Pleiadians were saying in some or other writing, that they don't have a solid reality like we do. When they come home, maybe a bedroom disappeared, maybe the furniture, maybe the house!  ...well yea, it's a holographic reality, built by Yaldo-boy by copying what he saw in Sophia's power, which she gave him, to give them a place to live.
John Lamb Lash talks about this holographic, copied-mimicked reality in his next chapter. Get the book, it's very informative.

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