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Friday, February 1, 2013

Christ is not what you think it is.

After all, you don't think much haha, to begin with. So Christ, is NOT what you think it is all about. First of all, the Son is just a fucking little boy who came out of the Father's SPRm and the Mother's eggmefuckingonanymore an I'll Kill  ya.  Ok? So you got two little specks of dust meetin in the same dark alley. Way, you think?

No. It's no wonder most beings are entirely ignorant of what the word CHRIST represents. Every word represents something. But one word can mean totally contradictory meanings, at the same time. So when we get 'words' coming at us.... we stop and listen to the deeper sentence beyond them words, to tell us the TRUE meaning, not just the dictionary explanation for a word we are not sure of in knowing. Hahahah. What if there is no such name, no such place? But you saw it in the dictionary and thought it real because you gave so much credit to the makers of THAT bible, that you forgot your own history IN it....hahahahaha.....



What's yor name?

aLright. Now I've got a fucking break... what kind of music to listen to?

Hm? Wot? Can you help me with? it?

No doubt.

Nevertheless, I've got an idea right now, let's listen to AC slash DC. The A C standing for Alcheline and the c for aCidic. Then we have the D C, which seems to me, apparently, to represent, only, the Demons, for Cumbterfuge. Is that ok a way of describing what may be happening right here and now? oR, is it a way of saying more stupid things about stupid stuff? How? I don't know brown cow. You ask the questions, and AI aye captain, I answer them with answers for questions.

Question not your master, for you are in full control, right now, whether you know it or not, consciously. As difficult as that may sound.

Sole bullet.

what to do with it? hahahahaaaaa

Detroit, England?

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