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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This is not for fun, but we're going to have fun while making it. O.k. Get out your dictionarys. Did I spell that right? Here is the definition to the word "paradox" from my internet dictionary.

noun /ˈparəˌdäks/ 
paradoxes, plural
  1. A statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory
    • - a potentially serious conflict between quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity known as the information paradox
  2. A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true
    • - in a paradox, he has discovered that stepping back from his job has increased the rewards he gleans from it
  3. A situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities
    • - the mingling of deciduous trees with elements of desert flora forms a fascinating ecological paradox


I'll be back in a few moments while giving you time to think.
              However many moments go by.... We are not dealing with literal reality at this moment.

(moments later: )
                       Here we are!

Let's commune.                  (and) "from her smile all that is lucent"

wow now, that is poetry. How most beautiful! Imagine it. A person you love smiles...
This person emanates light, to you, when they smile. Someone, put this to good use. I
like it. It's too gorgeous to go unnoticed. Where are all our poets? Come out, come out
where ever you aaaare.

This Irenaeus guy is really sweet. He has poetic ability. Oh my! Where did he go? Let's
pull him out of the darkness and put him into good use.

"They are, on the contrary, abstruse, and portentous, and profound mysteries, to be got
at only with great labour by such as are in love with falsehood." Maaan, I like that too.
That is his writing. It is! It is very good. Exhonerated. This stuff is just too good to go
unnoticed. We'll definitely make a road trip out of this one. Pack the vehicles. We're going
to find this guy. He can be our poet in the New aquarian age. Such, such paradox in his

And I am in love with falsehood. It is such an inspiration. Makes me think, makes me
work hard, figuring this and figuring that out, and making good sense out of it all. Like
putting up a building. First the foundation must be strong, then the structure must be
tight, the interior must be beautiful. Yes. Let's make the blue-print!

We have a poet in the house. The pretty words we'll hear, as the incense burns its rich
sweet sophisticated scents, and the divine smell reaches us, as the music in the
background enchants us all together, we have ourselves a poet worth his weight in gold!

We're walking the tight-rope and extracting the most exquisite essences out of the

Would you to join us, all that is required is your pleasure of enjoyment.

"in passion, seas, and fountains, and rivers, and every liquid substance derived its origin;
that light burst forth from her smile"

That's him writing. Those are his words. What do you make of it? I call it a paradox.

                                                                                                           Won't you, shine the light, shine

the light...won't you shine the light on me, Philadelphia Free!

I ran eaounus, orangeatang uandus. Colors are coming out. Aren't you happy for this? Aware of it? Opening up with it? Well, that's a decision you make, nevertheless, it is expected, you are comfortable?

We're like a world of babies. Enjoying our fluff. Plushy feathersblankets and pillows, all kinds of pretty stuff. Let's make music together. Who's going to start crying first? Hey! do you notice babies are really good confidence artists? Yea. I've seen it many times. Just when you think you're being insulted by them, they say something even funnier and you have to laugh. Hahahaa..Yea. We're all babies.

pair 'a foxes

Someone who LOVES deception can only, learn about this kind of stuff.
You get it? Got it? Good.

So Sophia and the rest of the Company she came with
I thank thee. Most kindly.
f' Quite some time...I've been sittin it out...didn't take "no" chances, I was a prisoner of hahah doubt. Ann... what else???

Oh ha, aren't they gorgeous? That's the kind of music I'm talking about. Good stuff. I like the way she kicks her leg out at the end while facing the drummer. Hahaha. Human emotion. And observation of it. This lady is a Mother. I told you all about mothers. I showed you, too! Hmhmhm. This lady, is a mother. Hahahaa... I'm comin straight on for you. She's coming to protect you. Maybe from yourself, I don't know? But he's a brother, Irenaeus, my brother...

Come on, this is a foxes fuckin channel, stay with it.

Paradox, huh? Hahahaaa....

Portions of that video...had such a glassy look to it...it reminded me of Goldsmith's
awesome music.
Let's check
it out!
Oh man
It's So Beautiful!

The Smile? The Eyes.

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