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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Discerning Alien Disinformation

Hello darlings. Have I a book for you. This one's about the alien challenge we're facing. This one is called:  

Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite for further study on the subject.

Page 6 : Some people ass-ume all aliens must be positive, that an exercise in prudence is
nothing more than paranoia. Perhaps those people are letting their bi-ases interfere with their
better judgement. (perhaps they have their head in the sand and their asses sticking out,
all ready).

Unfortunately, this attitude is common today, considering the scope and finesse of the alien
disinformation campaign. It has been so intricately tailored to human psychological blind
spots and emotional weaknesses that all but the most discerning and intuitively astute, are
being misled. As the saying goes, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."
Regardless of how much one pursues peace, love, and progress, without the necessary
awareness of contingencies, the results may be just the opposite. (and you may end up in

It is my firm conviction that genuinely positive aliens do exist and are active in our world,
but that their true nature does not conform to 'popular' expectations. Rather, it is the
impostors who dress themselves in our naive scientific, cultural, religious, and spiritualistic
assumptions to fortify their image. Without knowledge of what positive aliens are truly like,
people might accept the false alternative.

It must be made absolutely clear that the alien phenomenon is nebulous by nature.
Attempting to apply rigid scientific standards of objectivity to the alien phenomenon is
impractical and unrealistic. Science has the luxury of dealing with a material reality that is
universally verifiable, but the alien phenomenon is more complex and subtle than materiality.
Not only does it involve intelligent beings who can choose how much of themselves to
reveal and with whom they interact, their interactions with us are also governed by
interdimensional dynamics that require dependence upon the observer. (that is, every
individual sees things in their own way).

Unequivocal proof of aliens is personal and non-transferrable.
[The metaphysical, hyperdimensional, and intelligent nature of the alien presence makes the
ufo phenomenon function like a macroscopic quantum phenomenon dependent upon the
observer. This leads to an uncertainty principle preventing universal certainty. Therefore, the
more universal the proof of aliens, the less convincing the evidence, as videotaped ufo
sightings, which, despite being viewable by anyone, are too lacking in detail to be
convincing. Conversely, the more convincing the evidence, the less universal the proof, as
happens with abductees who have undeniable personal proof of their own experiences, but
are unable to record them and thus share their experiences.]

This tendency toward personal rather than objective proof, does not mean that the alien
phenomenon is subjective, because subjectivity means it would imply it has no independent
existence, and is just a product of the imagination. Nor is it objective, because objectivity
would imply it has its own independent existence verifyable by anyone.

Rather, it transcends subjectivity and objectivity altogether, by having an independent
existence that only reveals itself on an individual personal basis.

To penetrate the alien phenomenon, one must possess good intuition, sharp observation
skills, be flexible in working with probabilities (thinking in abstract ways) and provisional
hypotheses instead of simplistic black and white dichotomies, have developed a good nose
for detecting disinformation, be familiar with the available research to date, and as a bonus,
have adequate personal experience with the subject, as well as empathic ability to
psychically detect insincerity in others. (or ignorance in others that they themselves are not
aware of). (In other words, you have to be on your toes, use your own mind, not someone
elses opinions, and you have to work all the time, not just some of the time and then watch
t.v. You have to work while you're viewing what you're watching.)

When one or more of these assets is lacking, good use of the rest may compensate. (have
faith in your own intuition, listen to it. You can do it, just pay more attention to how you
'feel'. Not your emotions, your instincts, because your pre-formed thoughts are what
creates your emotions, and if your thoughts are wrong then so are your emotions. But there
is something else, we'll call it instinct, that isn't wrong. It will nudge very softly, gently,
hardly noticed if you're not paying attention...but the more you get use to paying attention
to the undercurrents, the less your preprogramming to think certain thoughts and your
emotions that respond to those thoughts will be able to sway you from better judgement).

Alien Involvement In Human History

Whatever alien groups were responsible for genetically engineering humans and seeding
them on various worlds, are likely no longer with us. (A note for John Lamb Lash. That's
right John, Mankind did come from Sophia, but remember, the archons -those derelicts- 
got a hold of them when they were in their pure state, threw mud on them and turned them
into Hu-man so that they could manipulate their light. Right? Right.) Nevertheless, some
alien types have made their own modifications to the human gene pool in more recent times.
(like the past 300,000 years). These modifications include the genetic programming of
humans with universal weaknesses, biases, and shortcomings. Another modification is the
creation of bloodlines with specific talents, predispositions, and destinies; specifically,
bloodlines with penchants for political elitism, combative superiority, or psychic potency.
None of the alien groups present today can rightly claim they created the human species,
though falsely taking credit they would to help themselves advance their negative agenda.

While for society at large, the alien presence faded from tangibility into myth, (like their own
brilliant selves seemed to have faded from tangibility to myth, uh, as Don Juan mentions in
Carlos Castaneda's books) the alien factions continued to advance their agendas covertly,
this includes the establishment of human secret brotherhoods who are entrusted with
'special' knowledge and powers to shape the course of civilization, and act according to the
goals of their alien benefactors. (illuminati oh-brotherhood). Secret societies vary in their
orientations; some are bent on world domination and the hoarding of knowledge, while
others are charged with safeguarding esoteric knowledge from abuse and counterbalancing
the forces of corruption.

Page 16 : Abductees may experience a sudden cessation of natural outside noises -like the chirping of crickets- during the onset of an abduction. They may also notice a change of air pressure, an unsettling alteration in the contrast level of light and shadows in the room, an amber tint to the air, and a feeling like a heavy veil or bell-jar descending over them or the immediate area. [The Cassiopaean Transcripts explains the amber tinting as bleed-through from "fourth density" (high dimensional realm). I have observed this and alteration in lighting contrast during the onset of an abduction. Sight Unseen mentions amber tinting. Chasing Phantoms recounts this phenomenon and the bell-jar effect as well.]

These indicate the local area is being dimensionally isolated from the surrounding space and disconnected from the surrounding time-stream so that for potential witnesses outside the bubble, the abduction takes place in a single moment and thereby escapes their observation. Otherwise abductions would be impossible in busy urban areas. The bubble also produces a shifted environment that is easier for incoming abductors to operate within, since it meets them halfway. (meaning they come from a different dimension not material like ours).

Now folks, let's go to a Carlos Castaneda book: The Art Of Dreaming.

Page 89 : I discovered that the energy of our world wavers. It scintillates. Not only living beings but everything in our world glimmers with an inner light of its own. Don Juan explained that the energy of our world consists of layers of shimmering hues. The top layer is whitish; another, immediately adjacent to it, is chartreuse; and another one, more distant yet, is amber.

I found all those hues, or rather I saw glimmers of them whenever items that I encountered in my dreamlike states changed shapes. However, a whitish glow was always the initial impact of seeing anything that generated energy.

"Are there only three different hues?" I asked don Juan.
"There is an endless number of them," he replied, "but for the purpose of a beginning order, you should be concerned with those three. Later on, you can get as sophisticated as you want and isolate dozens of hues, if you are able to do it. The whitish layer is the hue of the present position of mankind's assemblage point. Let's say that it is a modern hue. Sorcerers believe that everything man does nowadays is tinted with that whitish glow. At another time, the position of mankind's assemblage point made the hue of the ruling energy in the world, chartreuse; and at another time, more distant yet, it made it amber. The color of sorcerer's energy is amber, which means that they are energetically associated with the men who existed in a distant past."
"Do you think, don Juan, that the present whitish hue will change someday?"
"If man is capable of evolving. The grand task of sorcerers is to bring forth the idea that, in order to evolve, man must first free his awareness from its binding to the social order. Once awareness is free, intent will redirect it into a new evolutionary path."
"Do you think sorcerers will succeed in that task?"
"They have already succeeded. They themselves are the proof. To convince others of the value and importance of evolving is another matter."

Carlos Castaneda's don Juan's Teachings

Page 142 : Man for example, is attached to the amber bundle, but so are other beings. To know which beings share those emanations with man is something you will have to find out for yourself through your own "seeing".  The pink and peach bundles belong to other living beings. I've told you that the glow of awareness in man has different colors. They are not really colors but casts of amber. The amber bundle of awareness has an infinitude of subtle variants, which always denote differences in quality of awareness. Pink and pale-green amber are the most common casts. Blue amber is more unusual, but pure amber is by far the most rare. Seers say that the amount of energy one saves and stores determines the cast. Countless numbers of warriors have begun with an ordinary pink amber cast and have finished with the purest of all ambers.

The three bundles with all their casts crisscross the eight bands. In the organic band, the pink bundle belongs mainly to plants, the peach band belongs to insects, and the amber band belongs to man and other animals. The same situation is prevalent in the inorganic bands. The three bundles of awareness produce specific kinds of inorganic beings in each of the seven great bands. You may want me to elaborate on the kinds of inorganic beings that exist, however, that is another thing that you must "see" for yourself. The seven bands and what they produce are indeed inacessible to human reason, but not to human "seeing."

The great bands are neither flat nor round, but indescribably clustered together, like a pile of hay which is held together in midair by the force of the hand that pitched it. Thus, there is no order to the emanations; to say that there is a central part or that there are edges is misleading, but necessary to understanding.

Inorganic beings produced by the seven other bands of awareness, are characterized by having a container that has no motion; it is rather a formless receptacle with a low degree of luminosity. It does not look like the cocoon of organic beings. It lacks the tautness, the inflated quality that makes organic beings look like luminous balls bursting with energy. The only similarity between inorganic and organic beings is that all of them have the awareness-bestowing pink or peach or amber emanations. Those emanations, under certain circumstances make possible the most fascinating communication between the beings of those eight great bands.

Usually the organic beings, with their greater fields of energy, are the initiators of communication with inorganic beings, but a subtle and sophisticated follow-up is always the province of the inorganic beings. Once the barrier is broken, inorganic beings change and become what seers call allies. From that moment inorganic beings can anticipate the seers most subtle thoughts or moods or fears. The old seers became mesmerized by such devotion from their allies. Stories are that the old seers could make their allies do anything they wanted. That was one of the reasons they believed in their own invulnerability. They got fooled by their self-importance. The allies have power only if the seer who sees them is the paragon of impeccability; and those old seers just weren't. (Hellooo Gordon)

Inorganic beings are not as plentiful as organic ones, but this is offset by the greater number of bands of inorganic awareness. Also, the differences among the inorganic beings themselves are more vast than the differences among organisms, because organisms belong to only one band while inorganic beings belong to seven bands. Besides, inorganic beings live infinitely longer than organisms. The old seers also came to realize that it is the high energy of organisms and the subsequent high development of their awareness that makes them delectable morsels for the Indescribable Force. In the old seers' views, gluttony was the reason the Indescribable Force produced as many organisms as possible.

The product of the other forty great bands is not awareness at all, but a configuration of inanimate energy. The old seers chose to call whatever is produced by those bands, vessels. While cocoons and containers are fields of energetic awareness, which accounts for their independent luminosity, vessels are rigid receptacles that hold emanations without being fields of energetic awareness. Their luminosity comes only from the energy of the encased emanations.

You must bear in mind that everything on the earth is encased. Whatever we perceive is made up of portions of cocoons or vessels with emanations. Ordinarily, we don't perceive the containers of inorganic beings at all.

The total world is made of the forty-eight bands. The world that our assemblage point assembles for our perception, is made up of two bands; one is the organic band, the other is a band that has only structure, but no awareness. The forty-six great bands are not a part of the world we normally perceive.

There are other complete worlds that our assemblage points can assemble. The old seers counted seven such worlds, one for each band of awareness. I'll add that two of those worlds, besides the world of everyday life, are easy to assemble; the other five are something else.

Back to :  Discerning Alien Disinformation

Page 19 : As mentioned, aliens can lurk nearby while invisible. In physics terminology, this happens when they have not yet fully rotated themselves into our dimension, their quantum wave functions have not fully collapsed into our reality, or their quantum phases are not fully locked into our own. In occult terminology, this happens when they manifest within the etheric plane without condensing fully into the physical.

The etheric is a transitory boundary layer between the physical and nonphysical, functioning as an invisible substratum to the physical world but containing energies, beings, and constructs that influence the physical at the quantum level. Think of it as the backstage to our reality, the area behind the curtain of our limited five-sense perception. (like for example, one day last year as I was walking down the sidewalk through the city, I saw a somewhat invisible shape standing up against a wall. It was tall, slim, and looked kind of knobby, and I knew it was an alien. It was as though invisible, but my higher senses picked it up, and then when I began looking physically with my eyes for them I didn't see anything. It looked to be hiding and in wait. Then in November of last year, after my boyfriend and I left the restaurant and were on our way to the country in his vehicle, we were still in the city when he saw an alien. He said "I just saw a hologram of an alien." I asked him what it looked like, and he told me, the ginger bread man. Similar to what I saw, a relatively shapeless entity. It was at the McDonalds restaurant downtown that he saw it. I think they must have contacted him through his vision because later on in the trip there we saw other strange things and also experienced a strange phenomenon when we were at the cottage in the country. So yea. They're everywhere. It's like we have an infestation of bugs and need to control the situation. You know?)

In this invisible or etheric state, aliens can monitor targets without normally being noticed. By getting close to their targets, they can more effectively project strong thoughts into a person's subconscious, giving him impulses, ideas, or inspirations that he will take as his own and act upon, unless he questions their origins and rationality.

They can reach into a person's body and manipulate his or her chakras and etheric energy circuits to effect anything from enhanced or diminished psychic abilities, to emotional and mental imbalances, and physical illnesses. Greys in an etheric state are known to attach themselves to a person like an invisible parasite, subtly influencing the person's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, even as he goes about his day. Aliens who require life-force energy for sustenance, can lurk in proximity to highly emotional, sexually charged, or distressing human activities, to harvest the energy released. (sound like the movie The Matrix? Batteries...the energizer rabbits!)

Targets may also receive etheric implants, etheric gadgetry attached to them externally (like my nephew who had been seeing four dots following him since he was a child, when he first saw a ufo with his family on the front porch. He has been bothered by those 4 dots for a long time), and etheric devices or observation booths installed into their homes for monitoring and influencing purposes. (ever heard of the novel 1984 by George Orwell?). This capability can be scaled up to allow alien bases to coexist on top of physical human military bases or airports, for example, dimensionally shifted and thus overlapping, seemingly occupying the same three dimensional space.

These things occur beyond the perceptual reach of normal waking consciousness and the detectability of standard recording devices or scientific instruments. (that's why don Juan says, one must get out of the social programming if they are to evolve, and that means the way society is controlled to not see anything so these things can go on under their noses.) Nevertheless, animals can perceive etheric activities, as can clairvoyants with second sight, individuals awakening from sleep into a brief hypnopompic state (which means, you are extra sensitive when you first wake up from bed), and those whose consciousness has been chemically detuned from physical reality through hallucinogens. Etheric beings and devices may also show up symbolically in dreams, although dreams alone are not a reliable indicator of what is happening in the etheric environment.

Because of their hidden nature, none of these phenomena are all that credible in the eyes of nuts-n-bolts researchers or those with mere casual interest in the subject of aliens. Therefore this aspect of the alien presence, which is perhaps the most ubiquitous, is also the least perceivable and believable by the greater majority. This would benefit any covert agenda aiming to project a false front on the superficial perceptible level, while allocating all serious activities to hidden realms.

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