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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Belzebub's Pick; Peek A Boo!

This band is very interesting. Because, Belz told me about them before I was involved. And I tell ya, foreknowledge is 'everything.' Let me tall ya a story.

I was wandering around, here, where else, obviously. So, Belz, knwig me so thoroughly, showed me another face, which resembled mine, but misplaced. You see, a human body cannot take the place of the manager of this place, so it is onl a representation of them. By the way, they weren't body. They were aue visuals. Those ladies in this video, are real. The way I was real, hahaha, when I was their humanage. But not in real life. They are my friends. In real life, they wouldn't have to come out to help, but for Belz, there wouldn't be any hahaha 'help'.

Man...listen to this. Watch.

JQT Peekaboo

Haunt us down, because we're not coming ototherwise

Makin a MISStake. Who could be makin a mistake?

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