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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Delightful. Fruitful. Flavor.

I was so evil and cruel to some really hot guns out there that I think I need to now show my through and through colours. Like for example. When one dies, does one disappear into no-where's land? Or does one continue their own, existence? If so.... I find I'm doing quite well. I've graduated from a fairy queen, to an evil fairy to a dark evil sorceresss who can do no harm. Horrible. Oh well. That's at ya, what graduating from a thing to a thing can do to you.

HOlY Hellish! Gwa gwa. That means water in Mexican. I learned it a long time ago on Sesame Street. Kid's show. Back to the subject Holy Hellish, how are you? Are you feelin just fine now?

Cured! Cured of what? Something that was never there? Healing is always used when there is a Lack of Health? U know? So who needs healing? Hmhmhm. You take a look at a photograph and you think you've visited the lands because your imagination says so? Isn't that something like what an ego does ... hahaha .. . to your sense of being? Being in quo'tations'. You know what I mean?

It doesn't matter whether your physical mind knows or not. It is not the physical mind we are talking about, and the God of That Mind, hasn't a clue.

Two nines. How could two negatives equal a positive? 'They' say it is close to a condition which can be turned around and utilized by them, probably a lot easier, otherwise they wouldn't be throwing THAT one forward, hahahaa. Two nines equal two negatives, and two negatives equal utter positive destruction.

Ffruitful flavor.

I look at my time. That is, the times that I have ended up posting a blog. Because even I don't know the exact time, so I have to look, wonce I've put it up. U no? Am I being brainwashed by those nutcases who dicktated that jesus christ superson stuff at us because I've been reading it consistently? Holy shit. Maybe they planned to snoop us down with their coercive mannerisms through the word they brainwashed that doctor author to write. I look innocent now, down't I? Obviously. I just spoke it. But were there some other very different beings at the helm of a human in the same room as you, standing there, and you thought they were just as they appeared? Well, that's what I'm talking about. You, and me. A fruit can't beat it.

I've got some bananas. Would you like some?

Insanely, just as you thought, too, haha, I've got some plums. Remember the last night, er, day? that I was talking of making Croatian PlumSomethings? Well, I made chocolat cake instead. It with icing, is great....don't matter whether the top fell off, or the bottom didn't work right. It was delicious.  Still have sum. Wood ya like?

Girls, girls, girls,

                               What?  You think I'm talking about them? TO them? Hm?

Golly geepers where d you g3t t6se weepers; gollly, where did you get those eyes?

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