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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Attention & Intent

Oh my goodness! I had a dream which I was working on figuring out, ever since I had it a few months ago, last year. And now, I just found the answer! in John Lamb Lash's website! Wow! This is so awesome!

I had a dream where I was out there in nature, the sky above, the ground below, and Mother was communicating with me. While she was, there were etheric aliens of a muddy greenish grey brown colour, kind of transparent, who were stretching themselves all through the ether from the ground to the sky trying to intercept her words so I wouldn't hear them. I was listening and then there was a dimness a fog a static that came inbetween some of the words, and I had to ask her what she said. I looked angrily at those aliens smudging up the atmosphere, then I went into myself quietly and began repeating everything I heard so I would remember it when I woke up. But I didn't anyway. What I remembered were the pictures she sent me when I was having trouble with picking up the words.

The image she sent me, was, a little circle and a large circle. Those two circles were coming together like one in the other, centering, and then at the same time, they also were coming to a point. I woke up from there, and ever since, I've been looking for the answer to that one. Hahaha. And now guess what? Read this....this is written by John Lamb Lash, and it's, bullseye!

Two Circles - Attention & Intent:

"Concentration might be defined as the coordination of attention and intention. To
concentrate is to bring a certain depth of attention (Bythos) to intent (Ennoia). In Gnostic
teachings, Bythos and Ennoia are cosmic deities or principles of the Pleroma, the
Wholeness, and they are also attributes of the human mind. They are symbolized as two
spheres. To concentrate is to bring the two spheres together at a single, unifying point, a
common center."

It's under the heading:
The Topic of Topics - Gnostic Parallels in the Writings of Carlos Castaneda.

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