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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Day The Music Died.

Do you know why there is so much ssshit out there in the music field today? Because we have overstepped something that happened in the past few decades. From the 60s to the 90s things went on which people are just not aware of.

It's like don Juan the sorcerer from Carlos Castaneda books said: Time to recapitulate!

No Prince, it's not because you're being taken advantage of. It's because YOU were taking advantage of. Do you find there are things on your chest burdening you? Deal with it.

The kids these days are going into the PAST to listen to music, because the day that music died is the today's music. Who wants to listen to lifeless commercial crap where the nutcases don't even know how to sing let alone write anything that makes any sense? No one. Oh perhaps those musicians who are living in a fantasy world of their own making thinking they are so great. But no one else sees it that way. Wake up!

What happened to the spirit of music, to the heart of music? Is it like the hospital system where students these days go to school to become a doctor only because they know there's big money to be made in it?

That's right Robert Plant. You're trekkin through Texas looking for those old poor musicians' work so you can take their lyrics, re-do them, and make yourself a hit. Hm? Simple. Easy. You don't have to be involved in it your own self. Just find someone else's heart and soul and mimic it.

And the garbage that's being made haha, is so worthless, it's not listenable by anyone anymore.

It actually takes effort to create music. Music is an art. You have to face what experiences you have in life and what kind of feeling they bring out in you. Then you need to learn how to skillfully put it on paper, examine, re-examine, and then bring out the melody of it, where your heart resonates with all that you've brought out into physical reality. Then you have a song. Otherwise, it is not music. Music tells a story. And most of the storys I'm hearing today is "I want to make lots of money, I want to be famous, I want to be better than all my friends are so I can shove dirt in their face." Dunce shit like that. That's what I've been hearing in the music these days.

I mean, Geeze Louize, you only get better at what you do when you keep on doing it. It's not so hard to do. Look at Rob Zombie, he creates all his own music consistently, and consistently it is very good! So look to the successful musician when you feel under the weather and bogged down. They can only inspire you. You don't need to look at their content, what they use, just look at the principles. The principle of moments, hahahaa...oh, I loved that music. That was so good Robert Plant. Why ever did you stop writing?

To today's musician:

"Maybe you need to get drunk to do some writing? Maybe do some drugs."
"But if you were drunk when you wrote THAT, then maybe you should stay away from alcohol!"
"Were you on drugs when you wrote THAT? Get cleaned up then!"
(Not everyone's a Beethoven.)

A bird SINGS, not because it's paid to...

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