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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let's Have Fun.

The Lucifers. Hahaha. The falling stars. The God's children. So far from home, they were in the pit of the Abyss. The lady of the pit was awokened. The Pleiadians said they had to quaranteen this place because everytime someone got through to reach out to them, they were unreachable...they were so far gone, perhaps, out of their mind? But of course. Everything starts from out of your mind, doesn't it?

And then slowly, one ever difficult effort after another, they finally began to reach them God's children who planted their flat feet on the ground of Earth. And the light began to shine through. And so, Jesus Christ had finally bridged that gap between them all to their Creator. And yet still to this day the dizzying illusions spin in their minds with all kinds of bogus stories, heck, even my stories are more real and true than most of theirs. Ugh. Such horroble stories they tell each other about themselves and others. So many of them just can't seem to shake the illusions from their head. So Lucifer, waht are we going to do with you? Oh shining fallen star. Are ye ever going to wake up out of your deep slumber from that illusory land inside your mind?

Have you had enough yet? If not, how can I help to speed up the process?

(been sooo looong sooo looong sooo loooooong... David Bowie - "Cat People.")

Hey, do you like my pretty outfit I have on today? What colour would you like to see it be? I'll make it that colour. Hmhmhm. Look at your hair. Like you've just got out of bed. Haven't you heard about the word comb? Do you know what it means? To comb? Your head? Do it! In the meantime, I'm going to go put on a different make-up, you won't recognize me by the time I see you again, I'll be sooo different. Tonight. We'll meet.

I mean, the stupid stories they tell. Look for example at the word "awokened." They don't have that in the dictionary. But they have the word "awakened." They have the word "awoke" but not "awokened." Like, how dim-witted is that? Hahahaa. Is there a special way of saying things around here that mustn't be bridged? Or can I delight myself by using the word awokened from the pit of being oh my! I dislike remembering grammar class in English. The teachers all seemed so confused. So who around here actually makes up these werds we use to speak out at each other with? Uh? They could use a better make-up job!

   "baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now" - Don Juan speaking to Carlos Castaneda about the mind we're in possession of when we're not in the Christ mind. Hahahahaaa....

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