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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sorcearial Music

Ok this is for the musicians.

In this video. Look at how the bodies move. That is sorcearial music. The way the teacher with the white hair talks, that's sorcearial. Calm, gentle, smooth, yet precise and perfect. The bodies, how they move, un-usual. Different. Even strange. But, in coordination, in perfect blend with fourth dimension. That is, third and fourth working together in balance. That's sorcearial music. Go ahead and check out the video, psychically tune into the whole thing, yourself, and what you see and hear. Do this with other things too. Then one day, it will come naturally and you will be able to motion from your inner self the music outwards, for us to hear...like a story...like an ancient poem.

She says: "My body is under the look of my Attention." Remember that. That attention will open up and the higher dimensions of your real self will come swirling in, and don't you start wondering what it means, or judging it, just BE while it works. You can review later. So, what did she say?

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