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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We'll Dick-tate It To You.

In writing, we'll tell you how to live your life, silly-smooth, coercing, manipulating every aspect, of how we want you to think, a heaping handful of truth on one side, a heaping handful of lies on the other, so we can steal your planet, take its resources and have you all as slaves.

That to me is the basis of the Curse in Miracles. It's a sham. Some nutwigs out there with wiseacre ideas, that's all.

There's too much prejudice against women for them to be real. They know that women have intuition, unless they've been inDOCtrinated by society, to see clearly. And the Jews being a slave race, they're easier to pick off. Get the weaker ones first huh? I'm not talking about the Hebrews, which is different. I'm talking about those "followers" of Abraham the slave driver. That's the way they wrote their bible, upon their strange alien experiences.

Keep on, keep on people. Do as you please.

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