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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Call Don Juan

The Christ Of Sorcerers.

Don Waun is Won Don  ....  Jack Chalkley.

Hey? Is there any danger of us being evilly dangerous? Then tell us, and we'll change our aspects.

So any way. Like I've told you before, Sorcereres are very misunderstood creatures. They say one thing, and mean another. So would you to understand them you would have to play along, with them.

Anyone who is a big enough predator, can come along and play    with anyone. Right? Right.

Come along if you dare, come along if you care...

We are Sorcerers whether we know it or not. I have worked undercover for a long time, and just as soon as I started, they were there proving to me, haha, I was not the only Sorceress around.. THank You.

You know what's the weird thing? Sometimes the Spirit gets to ya, in  different place..same as usual, but just different. Places everybody.

YOU. You, You, You.

     What ARE we to do with you?

Here's an 'imitation' a mirror image, just you check it out.

It's not pretty, but it will do.   ---  Black Sabbath - When Death Calls

It's kind of dull, I'll tell you the truth, but also, how exciting it was when that man put that skull in my hands. It was a rigorous exercise in control. I had to make sure he didn't know what I was thinking, or feeling for that matter. But, I needed to know what this exercise was all about.

There are many things in life someone doesn't talk about. Everytime a joke comes out, that might be a place it was hidin at. You never know, unless you're observant. . . where the bunny's at.


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