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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tidbits of Wisdom

No one plants a vineyard without planning it first.
And then one brings the caretakers the workers into it to see that all goes as planned.
One does the pruning in the season of pruning, the weeding when necessary.
And then one brings in the harvest, and oh my those grapes are luscious!
That work has paid off. And on...now to prepare the grapes. There are more caretakers and workers for that, as well. So the levels get accomplished as the plan unfolds.

And a rose grows best in rocky soil.
Where there is plenty of  s p a c e ,  where the water runs through, doesn't sit there to rot it, like in heavy emotions. The emotion keeps in motion (flows) and the rose grows well. . .where there is no crowding. But some species flourish in swamp-like grounds. Everyone is different. And in the big picture, everything works together.

And such it is in this universe and everywhere else. Because, the seed doesn't fall far from the tree. But the birds do pick them up and carry them to have them replanted sometimes very far away, at the same time, in the same universe. Even though it seems to be an entirely different universe to you when you've landed in it, it is still the same ONE universe. It's like the priest said, who taught us the traditional Croatian dances when we were kids... "together-together, apart-apart." Haha. I always remembered those words and the tempo he used, to describe the steps.

Existence is a dance!

The Heaven's in your heart.

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