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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Animal Soul, Fleshy Part, Body, Spirit.

Irenaeus: Against Heresies

From Chap. V.  No. 6:

 "This, then, is the kind of man whom they conceive of: he has his animal soul from the Demiurge, his body from the earth, his fleshy part from matter, and his spiritual man from the mother Achamoth."

O.K. So when Rosy died, what left this plane of action was her animal soul, her fleshy part, and her spirit. Because the only thing that was left was the cold stiff earth, the body. And when you go outside to the ground and touch it, you know it is cool to the touch and it is stiff. Pick it up in your hands and it crumbles, or if a stone, it doesn't crumble but it is cold. And if you heat it with your hand, it picks up the heat, but if you burn it straight through, it too crumbles into dust. That's the earth part then.

So don Juan was saying that, as a sorcerer, you must recapitulate every experience in your life, take what is yours and give back what is not yours, and you do this through the breath. The breath is important because the Demiurge blew into us his animal soul, and without knowing it, Sophia's spirit. So when you do this and it is time to leave the planet, well, this "Eagle" which is probably the "Indescribable Force", comes and snatches back every soul that he has given to the human being. But don Juan says, when you recapitulate you create an imitation of you, your experiences, and the Eagle can't tell the difference between imitation and real, so it snatches up that imitation soul, and you, as spirit, are free to go. That's how you escape the world of matter and its elements, is what I'm comprehending here, from all I've read. Oh, I see something more. The reason why don Juan was talking about that kind of way of escaping without being seen by the Eagle, is because a lot of people don't go all the way, and get great knowledge. So that would be the best thing to do in the first step. But he talks about those who "burn from within," which means that knowledge has filled them so much and so long, that they have fed their spirit until their spirit is bursting, and when a spirit is on the other side of reality, that is, what we call 'after death,' then there is "matter, the elementary forces" which need to be dealt with. So the person isn't absolutely free. In other words, the only way to be absolutely free, is by being full and overflowing with knowledge, so that your spirit is pure. They have to burn from the inside so bright, that they can now teleport themselves into the Spirit place where Sophia is, instead of where the Demiurge is. That is where they all wait, until all of this is fulfilled. So get on those books and that experience, people. Hahaa. You've no time to waste. GET KNOWLEDGE! Hahaha.

They said that the spirit incubates in the body. As it grows, the sorcerer turns toward getting knowledge. Don Juan stresses that very much. Because without knowledge, you can't do anything or go anywhere. So the spirit begins to grow as the knowledge feeds it.


"6. But they further affirm that the Demiurge himself was ignorant of that offspring of his mother Achamoth, which she brought forth as a consequence of her contemplation of those angels who waited on the Saviour, and which was, like herself, of a spiritual nature. She took advantage of this ignorance to deposit it (her production) in him without his knowledge, in order that, being by his instrumentality infused into that animal soul proceeding from himself, and being thus carried as in a womb in this material body, while it gradually increased in strength, might in course of time become fitted for the reception of perfect rationality.(4) Thus it came to pass, then, according to them, that, without any knowledge on the part of the Demiurge, the man formed by his inspiration was at the same time, through an unspeakable providence, rendered a spiritual man by the simultaneous inspiration received from Sophia. For, as he was ignorant of his mother, so neither did he recognise her offspring. This [offspring] they also declare to be the Ecclesia, an emblem of the Ecclesia which is above. This, then, is the kind of man whom they conceive of: he has his animal soul from the Demiurge, his body from the earth, his fleshy part from matter, and his spiritual man from the mother Achamoth."

And now, let's talk about Gurdjieff's teachings. He taught that when we eat food, yea sure, we eat some physical matter which nourishes our bodies. But! He says, there is also the higher, invisible aspects in the food, that when we are aware of this, we can turn it into food for our spirit. Which itself is the food, the knowing haha, that this is in fact food for the spirit so it can grow. So instead of just eating food when your body is hungry, remember to feed your spirit by realizing there is a high, light, invisible structure in the food, that when you eat it, your spirit is being fed. That my dears is another way to strengthen your spirit. And would you to be burning within, or working at it, you will find every way possible to get food into that spirit so it grows. I mean, don't be desperate or anything like that, as, don Juan teaches that this only deteriorates your progress. You have to do it lightly, with a sense of fun. You know? Something like that. But just keep on your path. That's all!

And another excerpt. From Chap. VI. No. 1.

"1. There being thus three kinds of substances, they declare of all that is material (which they also describe as being "on the left hand") that it must of necessity perish, inasmuch as it is incapable of receiving any afflatus of incorruption. As to every animal existence (which they also denominate "on the right hand"), they hold that, inasmuch as it is a mean between the spiritual and the material, it passes to the side to which inclination draws it. (in other words, when you think of the food you eat as holding spiritual nourishment, then your animal side goes onto the side of spiritual and you grow from thence.) Spiritual substance, again, they describe as having been sent forth for this end, that, being here united with that which is animal, it might assume shape, the two elements being simultaneously subjected to the same discipline. And this they declare to be "the salt"(1) and "the light of the world." For the animal substance had need of training by means of the outward senses; and on this account they affirm that the world was created, as well as that the Saviour came to the animal substance (which was possessed of free-will), that He might secure for it salvation. For they affirm that He received the first-fruits of those whom He was to save [as follows], from Achamoth that which was spiritual, while He was invested by the Demiurge with the animal Christ, but was begirt(2) by a [special] dispensation with a body endowed with an animal nature, yet constructed with unspeakable skill, so that it might be visible and tangible, and capable of enduring suffering. At the same time, they deny that He assumed anything material [into His nature], since indeed matter is incapable of salvation. They further hold that the consummation of all things will take place when all that is spiritual has been formed and perfected by Gnosis (knowledge); and by this they mean spiritual men who have attained to the perfect knowledge of God, and been initiated into these mysteries by Achamoth. And they represent themselves to be these persons."

And like Gurdjieff teaches, you have to struggle real hard for real long, and then some, before you get to that place of perfection. And then, when you're there, the entire picture changes. And now, you must go help others to get there too! Which means, you partake of the animal existence where they're still at, and teach on their level, because they don't know any higher level, and were you to show them any higher level than they knew, this might scare them off, like an animal is impulsively ruled by its structure, and that is not what is needed. Some gods walking around perfect, scaring the others into thinking it is an instantaneous thing that you gain over-night. Well you don't. Like I said, one has to work long and hard, and then some. Then you reach that place, then you go out, and you help others to find it as well. That is why the perfect are allowed to act foolish, retarded, eat all kinds of meats, afterall, aren't the animal man eating all kinds of meat too, acting foolish and retarded too? So like attracts to like, but this kind of "like" has more knowledge in them, which they will help to impart into the animal man so they too become, haha "like," and proceed on, to help others, to do the same, until all is completed. So with this in mind, read the next excerpt.

Chap. VI. No. 4.

"4. And committing many other abominations and impieties, they run us down (who from the fear of God guard against sinning even in thought or word) as utterly contemptible and ignorant persons, while they highly exalt themselves, and claim to be perfect, and the elect seed. For they declare that we simply receive grace for use, wherefore also it will again be taken away from us; but that they themselves have grace as their own special possession, which has descended from above by means of an unspeakable and indescribable conjunction; and on this account more will be given them.(6) They maintain, therefore, that in every way it is always necessary for them to practise the mystery of conjunction. And that they may persuade the thoughtless to believe this, they are in the habit of using these very words, "Whosoever being in this world does not so love a woman (their Spirit) as to obtain possession of her, is not of the truth, nor shall attain to the truth. But whosoever being of(1) this world has intercourse with woman, shall not attain to the truth, because he has so acted under the power of concupiscence." On this account, they tell us that it is necessary for us whom they call animal men, and describe as being of the world, to practise continence and good works, that by this means we may attain at length to the intermediate habitation, but that to them who are called "the spiritual and perfect" such a course of conduct is not at all necessary. For it is not conduct of any kind which leads into the Pleroma, but the seed sent forth thence in a feeble, immature state, and here brought to perfection."

Uhm, that pink writing in paragraphs is my intention for you to understand that when you value your spirit in yourself and in others then you will tend to it. Would you to 'fuck around' without thought, hm, well then, you're only defeating your own purpose, which is to grow in knowledge.

And therefore, it isn't good to STAGNATE... sitting in a church listening to a surmon, falling asleep, looking for fantasies in your head to occupy yourself until mass is over. You need to get knowledge where ever you are and what ever you are doing. By only INTENDING to get knowledge, you can even sit in a satanic church and still get inspirational thoughts popping into your mind every once in a while. It's because you set your mind on the intent to get it..and so when you're sitting there, you are anticipating that some of this will happen. And keeping a close look-out, paying attention to the tiniest dot, maybe the color of the pulpit, anything, it can come from anywhere, and this inspiring thought suddenly catches into your mind, and now you have another little piece of the puzzle. So, you weren't sitting there stagnating, you were actually at work.

I'm not putting down anywhere you go. Go to church if that's what makes you happy. But don't put down those who don't. And while you're there, pay attention. There are some truly superior teachings that the person ministers at the pulpit. I have listened to the one at Rosy's funeral and was so impressed. It was a most beautiful teaching he spoke. I wondered whether others out there were picking up on the subtle nuances he was speaking. I was so amazed, it felt like listening to an angel speaking. I had to look around to see the faces of the others and whether or not they were hearing what I was hearing. I was so amazed at the beauty of the impressions out of the words that I was hearing, I thought to going back there just to listen to him speak again. Unfortunately, being such an indoor person and constantly at work, I haven't yet went back. But I just might, this Spring. So, be aware. You never know what morsel of excellence will come out of the preachers mouth. Heck it could come from a toddler or your grandmother! So be lightly alert always.

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