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Thursday, February 28, 2013


and slaves.

                            I'ma gonna tell ya, something about the human use, before, when we use to respect one another and the land. Timbuktu had a thriving business of ...

"Timbuktu flourished from the trade in salt, gold, ivory and slaves."

The Dogon Tribe

tribes and their astronomy

      ............................................ and but THESE ah days, everyone's a free-man, whether you've earned the badge or not, you're all free....free-free-free. For a fee, you can also enjoy, freedom beyond freedom. You can buy this at your nearest pharmacy store nearby in the neighbourhood. Nevermind. The point is, people need to want to be "of service" Of Service, whether or not it is called 'slave' or 'factory worker' don't mattter mad hattter. What matters is that those who WANT to work, are being PUT to work, and those who don't matter, are not around. Therefore, slavery is another way of saying, a service fulfilled. For example: Would I to have absolutely haha no time to deviate from my studies, even though it means a cleaner house, I would lose my time of really learning, and therefore waste it on housecleaning. But, cunning shows, you can HIRE someone to clean the house for you, while you take care of business, and everything works out because those who clean house for you are the closest TO you and in thus this vicinity, they learn a LOT too. So, we work together. There is no such thing as a slave, in MY book that is. When pays an awful lot of attention to excellence and fulfillment, it don't matter what kind of slave work you did, it matters the finishing result, whith what you've accomplished, yourself, at doing.


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