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Sunday, February 3, 2013

On and On The Country Lane.

The veil falls off, the darkness is disolved. Done.

Aright. What's for breakfast? Can anyone pour themselves so deep into the matrix,
that they can comprehend it? Or does one need to step back from it, haha, to,
ubserv it? Maybe both? How can you be in it and step back from it at the same
tiem? U can't. Only God can do what is unimaginable by us, to do...or to think...or
to know. You know? So. Make a choice take a picture and examine it.

That lady had a good idea, to write poems, about your experiences, when you want
to clarify what it means to you. That lady who took diction from Christ. That's
who. And if you read his book, haha, you too would be writing poems to
somehow comprehend it better. What's better? That I give a compliment? Or that I
continue to see myself as deprived and so I must get 'better.' I guess that's not a
compliment when you look at it, correctly. It is only an evasion of actually giving
the compliment, honestly. So. Face up everyone. This is it.

Blackest of the black, what's that? When the Spirit is invisible, who cares WHAT
colour. There ain't colour in black, nor is there black. Invisible. Awareness.

It's with such perfect mathematics, geometry, that Christ expresses, besides the
artwork it takes, to actually communicate a thought to another and it be understood
by them while listening.

And so there you go. That's a compliment? No. That's the Truth! When everything
fits perfectly in place, and makes absolute sense, then you can say, that is God.
No contradictory threads sticking out around here. Nothing out of place. It's
perfect. The mad brilliance, the magnificent intelligence, I LOVE IT! Wow, it's been
sooo looong. Hahaha. But it is here too, in Man. Them's too, intelligent. But in a
different way. Kind of an irritating way. But that's ok. I wouldn't have enjoyed this
the same way were it without the lot of them. Hahahaa. But I certainly, nevertheless
would still have enjoyed everything HE had to say about whatever he wanted to talk
about, with or without them.

So I'm glad to be with him, hiding in the midst o' some of their gold, which they
think is tarnished, ahahaha...have you ever heard of tarnished gold? So let's get real.
Who are you Man? Mankind, I'm talking to you. WHO? ARE you?

Life goes on even though the veil has fallen.

It IS awareness.

And what is awareness?
Well let me tell you. While reading the book A Course In Miracles by Helen Schucman, I was aware of something strange. If you read it yourself, you'll notice all he talks about is Sons, and Sonship, and He, and His....like he's calling all the boys back to heaven because they miss the variety of boyhood around them. I mean, think about it. There is no room for women there. Well? Who in their RIGHT minds Really wants to go there...? unless you're a male gay of course.

Perhaps, Jesus Christ, I should have thought of it before, perhaps they think of woman as a threat. A threat to their Ego. No wonder there is no mention of woman in paradise. It's only a male thing! No wonder they are so lonely. They're out in the dog-house. (Soon as you remember I'm part of LIFE, maybe I'll send your boys back home. Maybe not!...)

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