Daily Moon Phases

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Withdrawal of Lucifer.

I'm taking away Lucifer (your drug) from your midst. You're on your own now. I'm going to watch all of you. I'm going to see where the defect really was.

I'm going to go down to the last DOT, in my analyzing. I'm going to analyze until there is nothing left to analyze. I want to see what you're all like standing alone, without Lucifer as the hmhm, 'guiding' principle.

I want to see just what you're all made of. Where what is what, is what? You know? Ha...hahaha.

I'm going to take him out of the stinking mess, bring him back to his true state, allow him to enjoy his real position, and watch, watch all of you, to see what would have happened were I to have done this a loooooooong time ago, instead. Maybe it might not be the same. But I know, we're all in it together...you know? I was there where you were too, where he was, where Christ was, where everything was occurring. And I did things that I did, because I felt it was correct at the time. Well now, I feel this is the correct thing to do. So! As your shepherdess, I know you'll be just fine, after all, I ALWAYS have my eye on you.

It's time to face yourselves, Hmhm, without your 'guiding' principle around. Let us see now what happens out of this decision.

Alright. Talking to Christ, he said temporary withdrawal. And in that time, I shall do my work. It's for a very short time, just, not in your timespan. Oh don't worry, you won't go insane. And if you do, don't worry again, we have all kinds of drugs for you to be kept safe on. Proceed!

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