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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Relating. Communicating.


102. You are involved in unconscious distortions which are producing a
dense cover over miracle impulses and which make it hard for them to reach
consciousness. The nature of any interpersonal relationship is limited or defined
by what you want it to do. Relating is a way of achieving an outcome."

For an example. Earlier I was making myself a tea at the stove. I pulled out of the fridge the cream, used it and put it back, and then I began looking for my brown sugar, but it suddenly was nowhere to be found. I thought to myself, 'well? it obviously demanifested from the counter and remanifested elsewhere,' in other words was teleported. But where I wondered. So I looked in the fridge out of an impulse and there it was, haha, on the first shelf. (And I definitely did not put it there, since I hadn't even used it yet.)

So to make a strong story short and sweet. . . I thought to myself, 'maybe I put it there without thinking.' But then I realized that this very incident was a miracle and by my denying it, I'm throwing shit on myself thinking I had been slip-minded about what I was doing. That, after all, is what it comes down to. And I don't remember moving it. Because I know I didn't! And I know I've had experiences like this before, so why not just receive the miracle and realize, it had teleported into the fridge ...... so I can have something to talk about here to help describe what Christ means, to tell, in his teachings.

"The danger of defenses lies in their propensity for holding misperceptions rigidly in place. All
actions which stem from reverse thinking are literally the behavioral expressions
of those who know not what they do. A rigid orientation can be extremely
reliable, even if it is upside-down. In fact, the more consistently upside-down it
is, the more reliable it is.

103. However, validity is still the ultimate goal, which reliability can only serve.
Hostility, triumph, vengeance, self-debasement, and all kinds of expressions of
lack of love are often very clearly seen in the fantasies which accompany them.
But it is a profound error to imagine that because these fantasies are so frequent or
occur so reliably that this implies validity. Remember that while validity implies
reliability, the relationship is not reversible. You can be wholly reliable and entirely
wrong. While a reliable instrument does measure something, what use is it unless
you discover what the “something” is? This course, then, will concentrate on
validity and let reliability fall naturally
into place.

Valid is another way of saying Value.

106. Fantasies of any kind are distorted forms of thinking because they always
involve twisting perception into unreality. Fantasy is a debased form of vision.
Vision and revelation are closely related, while fantasy and projection are more
closely associated because both attempt to control external reality according to
false internal needs. Twist reality in any way, and you are perceiving destructively.
Reality was lost through usurpation, (miss-use) which in turn produced tyranny.
you need a police force around you and a president over you)  I told you
that you are now restored to your former role in the plan of Atonement, but you
must still choose freely to devote yourselves to the greater restoration. As long
as a single slave remains to walk the earth, your release is not complete. Complete
restoration of the Sonship is the only true goal of the miracle-minded.

No fantasies are true. They are distortions of perception by definition. They
are a means of making false associations and obtaining pleasure from them.
Man can do this only because he is creative. But, although he can perceive false
associations, he can never make them real except to himself. Man believes in what
he creates. If he creates miracles, he will be equally strong in his belief in them.
The strength of his conviction will then sustain the belief of the miracle receiver.
And fantasies become totally unnecessary as the wholly satisfying nature of reality
becomes apparent to both.


Page 66.

50. The Children of God are entitled to perfect comfort, which comes from a sense
of perfect trust. Until they achieve this, they waste themselves and their true creative
powers on useless attempts to make themselves more comfortable by inappropriate
means. But the real means is already provided and does not involve any effort at all
on their part. Their egocentricity usually misperceives this as personally insulting,
an interpretation which obviously arises from their misperception of themselves.
Egocentricity and communion cannot coexist. Even the terms are contradictory.

By the time I arrived on the scene, there was mostly egocentricity and not much communion at all.

Page 76.

99. It should be emphasized, however, that ultimately there is no compromise
possible between everything and nothing. Time is essentially a device by which
all compromise in this respect can be given up. It seems to be abolished by
degrees because time itself involves a concept of intervals which do not really
exist. The faulty use of creation made this necessary as a corrective device. “And
God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever
believeth on Him shall not perish, but have eternal life” needs only one slight
correction to be entirely meaningful in this context. It should read, “He gave it
to His only begotten Son.”

100. It should especially be noted that God has only one Son. If all the Souls
God created are His Sons, then every Soul must be an integral part of the whole
Sonship. You do not find the concept that the whole is greater than its parts
difficult to understand. You should therefore not have too much trouble in
understanding this.

101. The Sonship in its oneness does transcend the sum of its parts. However, this
is obscured as long as any of its parts are missing. That is why the conflict cannot
ultimately be resolved until all the parts of the Sonship have returned. Only then
can the meaning of wholeness, in the true sense, be fully understood.

What does this mean, to be of the Sonship?
                                                                       Well it's not the Mothership!

"Confidence cannot develop fully until mastery has been accomplished. We
have already attempted to correct the fundamental error that fear can be mastered
and have emphasized that only love can be mastered."

 You must rise above fear, towards love the higher state. You must "look up."

Page 77.

106. We have frequently noted that the miracle is a device for shortening but not
abolishing time. If a sufficient number of people become truly miracle-minded
quickly, the shortening process can be almost immeasurable. It is essential, however,
that these individuals free themselves from fear sooner than would ordinarily be
the case because they must emerge from the conflict if they are to bring peace
to other minds.

107. The Last Judgment is generally thought of as a procedure undertaken by
God. Actually it will be undertaken by man with my help. It is a final healing
rather than a meting out of punishment, however much man may think that
punishment is deserved. Punishment is a concept in total opposition to rightmindedness.
The aim of the Last Judgment is to restore right-mindedness to

108. The Last Judgment might be called a process of right evaluation. It simply
means that finally all men will come to understand what is worthy and what
is not. After this, their ability to choose can be directed reasonably.

Page 78.

110. No one who lives in fear is really alive. His own last judgment cannot be
directed toward himself because he is not his own creation. He can, however,
apply it meaningfully and at any time to everything he has created and retain
in his memory only what is good. This is what his right-mindedness cannot but
dictate. The purpose of time is solely to “give him time” to achieve this judgment.
It is his own perfect judgment of his own creations. When everything he retains
is loveable, there is no reason for fear to remain with him. This is his part in the

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