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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Empty Gourd & The Cucumber

Hahahaha ahaha aaa  Hahahahaaaaaa aah!

This guy is So hilarious. Oh my goodness. When I started reading this, I hadn't laughed so much for a long time. This is absolutely hilarious. He has a knack for story telling. Shall we put it down as 'myth'?

It is Irenaeus I talk about. Here is his little story:

4. Iu, Iu! Pheu, Pheu!--for well may we utter these tragic exclamations at such a pitch of audacity in the coining of names as he has displayed without a blush, in devising a nomenclature for his system of falsehood. For when he declares: There is a certain Proarche before all things, surpassing all thought, whom I call Monoten; and again, wi+th this Monotes there co-exists a power which I also call Henores,- -it is most manifest that he confesses the things which have been said to be his own invention, and that he himself has given names to his scheme of things, which had never been previously suggested by any other. It is manifest also, that he himself is the one who has had sufficient audacity to coin these names; so that, unless he had appeared in the world, the truth would still have been destitute of a name. But, in that case, nothing hinders any other, in dealing with the same subject, to affix names after such a fashion as the following: There is a certain Proarche, royal, surpassing all thought, a power existing before every other substance, and extended into space in every direction. But along with it there exists a power which I term a Gourd; and along with this Gourd there exists a power which again I term Utter-Emptiness. This Gourd and Emptiness, since they are one, produced (and yet did not simply produce, so as to be apart from themselves) a fruit, everywhere visible, eatable, and delicious, which fruit-language calls a Cucumber."

To continue reading the rest of the paragraph press link then go to: Chap. XI. No. 4.

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