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Friday, February 15, 2013

Difference Between Your Soul & the Brain.

Light On The Path, by Mabel Collins                       

Page 311

But within those encasements which the microscope reveals, lies a mystery which no
machinery can probe. The whole world is animated and lit, down to its most material
shapes, by a world within it. This inner world is called Astral by some people, and it is as
good a word as any other, though it merely means starry; but the stars, as Locke pointed
out, are luminous bodies which give light of themselves. This quality is characteristic of the
life which lies within matter; for those who see it, need no lamp to see it by.

The word star, moreover, is derived from the Anglo-Saxon "stir-an," to steer, to stir, to
move, and undeniably it is the inner life which is master of the outer, just as a man's brain
guides the movements of his lips. So that although Astral is no very excellent word in itself,
I am content to use it for my present purpose.

(What she's saying here, that I'm picking up on, is that the body is created by a foreign type
of energy (Archons and their demons), not the one we as souls were intended to inhabit. So
this maker of these bodies wants to hold on to the soul so badly that he has fashioned this
body to be like a blinder of the eyes, a temptation to not be noticed, something to become
imprisoned in, and not even know it. But Christ taught that we are greater than the world
and that which is in it, which means the physical forms. And when we pay attention to the
starry light within, the  luminous bodies which give light of themselves, that is our true
selves, we shall not be a prisoner of this body or this physical experience.)

Page 312

To all who are interested seriously in Occultism, I say first -- take knowledge.
To him who hath shall be given.
It is useless to wait for it.
The womb of Time will close before you,
and in later days you will remain unborn, without power.

I therefore say to those who have any hunger or thirst for knowledge, attend to these rules.
They are none of my handicraft or invention. They are merely the phrasing of laws in
super-nature, the putting into words truths as absolute in their own sphere, as those laws
which govern the conduct of the earth and its atmosphere.

The "senses" that are spoken of in these four statements, are the astral, or inner senses.
No man desires to see that light which illumines the spaceless soul until pain and sorrow
and despair have driven him away from the life of ordinary humanity. (Until you're dead that
is. Which is also what she meant by the statement earlier, "and in later days you will remain
unborn, without power." But you don't have to die physically to find out how to stop your
tears of pain and pleasure from flowing and messing up your clear view.) First he wears out
pleasure; then he wears out pain-- till, at last, his eyes become incapable of tears.

This is a truism, although I know perfectly well that it will meet with a vehement denial from
many who are in sympathy with thoughts which spring from the inner life. (Such as what
Don Juan of Carlos Castaneda books taught, that the predator planted their mind into our
brain so our thoughts are their thoughts, and therefore when you are not aware of your own
true thoughts then you will think that your vehement denial is from your own self...but it is
not...it is from being in sympathy to the devil, that is, the predator, whose thoughts spring
from your inner life, because of the way they hooked up the brain body connection and
your soul to it.)

To see with the astral sense of sight is a form of activity which it is difficult for us to
understand immediately. The scientist knows very well what a miracle is achieved by each
child that is born into the world, when it first conquers its eyesight and compels it to obey
its brain.

An equal miracle is performed with each sense certainly, but this ordering of sight is
perhaps the most stupendous effort. Yet the child does it almost unconsciously, by force of
the powerful heredity of habit. No one now is aware that he has ever done it at all; just as
we cannot recollect the individual movements which enabled us to walk up a hill a year ago.

This arises from the fact that we move and live and have our being in matter. Our
knowledge of it has become intuitive.

With our astral life it is very much otherwise. For long ages past, man has paid very little
attention to it -- so little, that he has practically lost the use of his senses. It is true, that in
every civilization the star arises, and man confesses, with more or less of folly and
confusion, that he knows himself to be. (The star, once again, meaning the luminous bodies
which give light of themselves, our soul.)

But most often he denies it, and in being a materialist becomes that strange thing, a being
which cannot see its own light, a thing of life which will not live, an astral animal which has
eyes, and ears, and speech, and power, yet will use none of these gifts.

This is the case, and the habit of ignorance has become so confirmed, that now none will
see with the inner vision till agony has made the physical eyes not only unseeing, but
without tears -- the moisture of life.

To be incapable of tears is to have faced and conquered the simple human nature, and to
have attained an equilibrium which cannot be shaken by personal emotions. It does not
imply any hardness of heart, or any indifference. It does not imply the exhaustion of
sorrow, when the suffering soul seems powerless to suffer acutely any longer; it does not
mean the deadness of old age, when emotion is becoming dull because the strings which
vibrate to it are wearing out.

None of these conditions are fit for a disciple, and if any one of them exist in him it must be
overcome before the path can be entered upon.

Hardness of heart belongs to the selfish man, the egotist, to whom the gate is for ever
closed. Indifference belongs to the fool and the false philosopher; those whose
lukewarmness makes them mere puppets, not strong enough to face the realities of
existence. When pain or sorrow has worn out the keenness of suffering, the result is a
lethargy not unlike that which accompanies old age, as it is usually experienced by men and

Such a condition makes the entrance to the path impossible, because the first step is one
of difficulty and needs a strong man, full of psychic and physical vigor, to attempt it.

It is a truth, that, as Edgar Allan Poe said, the eyes are the windows for the soul, the windows of that haunted palace in which it dwells (haunted by the predators). This is the very nearest interpretation into ordinary language of the meaning of the text...

If grief, dismay, disappointment or pleasure, can shake the soul so that it loses its fixed hold on the calm spirit which inspires it, and the moisture of life breaks forth, drowning knowledge in sensation, then all is blurred, the windows are darkened, the light is useless.
This is as literal a fact as that if a man, at the edge of a precipice, loses his nerve through some sudden emotion he will certainly fall.

(That is, imagine you are standing at a razor sharp cliff's edge, behind you a straight wall on
which to keep your body flat up against as you take one small sideways step slowly, after
another tiny step sideways, to get to safety, which is a few yards ahead... when suddenly
you get caught up in panic, fearing you won't make it. That's the signal you will fall because
you've lost grip on your calm state and went into an emotional whirlwind which threw you
over the edge. That's what she means when talking about how emotions, any emotions, can
separate you from the calm, serene, divine interior, where all knowledge resides for your
use, as long as you are attentive to it, keeping your mind on it, paying attention to what the
knowledge within you says, instead of falling victim to emotional flux to the physical
sensations to the flesh, instead of to the spirit.)

"...If grief, dismay, disappointment or pleasure, can shake the soul
so that it loses its fixed hold on the calm spirit which inspires it, and the
moisture of life breaks forth, drowning knowledge in sensation, then all
is blurred, the windows are darkened, the light is useless..."

The poise of the body, the balance, must be preserved, not only in dangerous places, but even on the level ground, and with all the assistance Nature gives us by the law of gravitation.

So it is with the soul. It is the link between the outer body, and the starry spirit beyond.
The divine spark dwells in the still place where no convulsion of Nature can shake the air;
this is so always.

But the soul may lose its hold on that, its knowledge of it, even though these two are part of one whole. And it is by emotion, by sensation, that this hold is loosed. To suffer either pleasure or pain causes a vivid vibration, which is, to the consciousness of man, life. (And that vivid vibration can cause you to tumble over the cliff.)
                                           ( I'll tumble for ya )

Now this sensibility does not lessen when the disciple enters upon his training; it increases. It is the first test of his strength; he must suffer, must enjoy or endure, more keenly than other men, while yet he has taken on him a duty which does not exist for other men, that of not allowing his suffering to shake him from his fixed purpose. He has in fact, at the first step, to take himself steadily in hand and put the bit into his own mouth; no one else can do it for him.

The first four aphorisms of "Light on the Path," refer entirely to astral development. This development must be accomplished to a certain extent -- that is to say it must be fully entered upon -- before the remainder of the book is really intelligible except to the intellect; in fact, before it can be read as a practical, not a metaphysical treatise.

(This is an example of overemotionalism...and in the negative.)

Page 315

Those who break Nature's laws lose their physical health; those who
break the laws of the inner life, lose their psychic health. "Mediums"
become mad, suicides, miserable creatures devoid of moral sense; and
often end as unbelievers, doubters even of that which their own eyes
have seen. The disciple is compelled to become his own master before he
adventures on this perilous path, and attempts to face those beings who
live and work in the astral world, and whom we call masters, because of
their great knowledge and their ability to control not only themselves
but the forces around them.

(Havin fun. Gotta have fun sometimes.)

                                   (Pinky and the Brain. (hahahaha) )

(And WHO do we call masters? Shit, that's an insult. I call no one a master.)

(Well? How do you deal with a fool? That's right. I was born on April 1st, and considering humans are creators, of some sort or other, since obviously the French people named this day in their country, who knows when, and then, it stuck. Yea baby. I'm an April Fool's baby. So how do we deal with those who follow no masters, and say that "shit" is an insult? I dunno. Let's consult Aleister Crowley on that. Maybe he would know.)

(You know what? You can tear it all apart. You know how? I'll show you. Here's an example. Alright, in the last paragraph, she was talking about beings who broke laws:

"Mediums" become mad, suicides, miserable creatures devoid of moral sense; and
often end as unbelievers, doubters even of that which their own eyes have seen."

Let's break it down. Mediums? Mediums to what? Mediums became mad, suicides, miser-able creatures, deVOID of moral sense, and end up as unbelievers, doubters, even of that which their own eyes have seen. You see? I can't believe I was mad, or in sane or void or meserable or even oh my, a creature! I doubt that. I don't believe it is true. I don't believe it happened. We must have been wearing some strange costumes. So I don't believe in costumes.

And as for: "The disciple is compelled to become his own master before he
adventures on this perilous path, and attempts to face those beings who
live and work in the astral world,
" Well that is talking up a 222, or, as we say around here, a catch 22. How the fuck can you beCOMe a master kickin around on the same ole ground that you're stuck at? You HAVE to go out into perilous territory before you can know just what the fuck you're up to, or up against, or whatnot. So what the fuck? You ARE a master all fucking ready. So what's this thing about calling someone a master over another master? It just don't make sense. Hence, throw it out with the rest of the garbage that needs disposal. [Twisted Sister]

That's how you break it up. You don't need to let THAT lady get you down. Heck, she's instigating, I can tell. (Hahahahah!) )

(And since your soul is not your costume, it is you, then who cares whether or not you believe in the costume, the matrix, that illusion we call reality. What really is reality is that which is in you living, being, free, untouched by all these sarcastic remarks and negative insinuations, etc etc. You are REAL. Your costume, is what you "put on.")

 That's all it is. Simple. Lessons are all over. Finit!

This lady can talk up a storm. Just check out the next few lines in this, iMACulate book. Hahaha..aa..
The condition of the soul when it lives for the life of sensation as
distinguished from that of knowledge, is vibratory or oscillating, as
distinguished from fixed.
That is the nearest literal representation of the
fact; but it is only literal to the intellect, not to the intuition.
Hahahhahaa....now THAT is interesting.
I tell ya, or, let someone else tell ya.....
The Black Widow
That is the nearest little representation I could come up with. Fact.
When you wanna know what REAL occultism is all about, check this guy out....
                                                                                                                  Alice Cooper
                                                                                     He's so cute. I like his poison.

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