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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pa Pa & MaMa

Whether you go to Pa Pa, or you go to Mama, it don't matter....

It don't matter to me...oh, deviated.

So whether you are with da da, or with Ma ma...it don't matter. Ha! As long as you're having fun. If you're not having fun, you guys, over there, at Pa pa's, then, don't be afraid to call on Ma ma's because, they'll be there, just you ask.

Hey. This is a funny story. I'm seeing this guy Tim. I like to call him Time, because he's so excellent. Nevertheless, his lady haha, asks for more than he can giver her, and she comes to me, looking for him, and realizes, what she has been taking from him, I have been giving, and he, replenishing, and I? Hahahah, refreshing. I didn't know I was so valuable, until I met him, and I didn't know, hahaha, how valuable he could be to me, until I succumbed to him. Hmhm. Not my usual style, that is. Anyway, anyone can learn off each other, -  , you just got ta want to.

                                                         Queen - You're Making Me Live

Mama's and Papa's who the fuck are those, I don't know, let's check em out!

Whether you go Up or Down, don't matter....just TAKE a spot.


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