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Friday, February 1, 2013

What's Blue?

Blue Girl.

Where do the trains keep going?

Around the thin white dog.

Am I a musician lady? No. I am music itself.`

I have a story about that too. I have a story, about everything. This story starts a looooong time ago.
When Tony Gray my friend, who was John Otto's friend, from whom WE met, I learned so much...

Tony told me, when he was younger than 17, when we first met, that he and a few friends of his got together and were interested in finding out who the devil really was, they did some fancy stuff that night, he said, and then all of a sudden, one of the people in his friends group that night, got possessed, by what he described to be as, the devil.
He said there appeared on his body scratched into his skin, signs. They didn't undersand what those signs meant, nor did they know the depth of 'trouble' they were in. When they went to call their parents, the call did not go through. Therefore, haha, they had to spend the whooooole night, without the safety of those they knew to be safety to them.

Well, I have a similar story. But not the same. This story begins and ends, in Toronto. (I was 20 when I got there in March, turning 21 in April and then this happened in August, whereas soon after this incident I left Toronto and moved to Ottawa for a month, where my friend Tony was with his girlfriend. We were thinking of starting a band together but Ottawa was not a place of music.)
I was a waitress back then. I had a day off, it was Saturday.
I went to the large book store they have in Toronto and I ended up buying me a book that shows how to read 'playing cards' as the future, for others.
So I brought these cards home, and my boyfriend Gregory McClelland was at work. It was daytime. I spent the entire day reading, haha, everyone's I knew, fortune.
It was veeeery interesting. By the evening hour, which in August, begins at around 9:00pm, I was still at it. During the late afternoon, around 7ish o'clock I began to hear a thumping sound under the house like suddenly the subway rerouted and was under the house. Being in High Park there were no subways under this area, you had to walk to Yonge to get to the station. But this bump-bump-bump like trains, were sounding under the house as though deep in the ground. I kept playing my cards.

That is when I heard the screaming of two cats as though in a fight. I began routing for one of them to win, though I wasn't interested in who won, I just was feeling like that at the moment.
Then, strangely enough, the cats screaming at each other turned into the sound of metal screaching against metal. I sat there and listened, with now my hairs on the back of my, neck? raised, and I wondered where the fuck THAT sound was coming from.
As I sat there, I also heard what sounded like a bunch of
making their individual sounds, and
in the midst of them
I heard what sounded like a man's voice
in the throwes of crying. His voice was so agitated, it sounded like the music of the animals made it better. It was so freaky to me to hear that, I went to the window to see what the fuck was goin on back there. When I couldn't see anything really, except a branch in that evergreen tree, at the middle bottom of it, moving, on that still and warm August evening, I decided I would go outside and find out for myself what was happening.
As soon as I stepped outside, I could feel the electricity in the air.
very thick
I was almost oppressed by it.
I saw two cats. One on the one side of the porch, white, and the other in back of the porch, black.
They both noticed me. And when they did, haha, it seems they were glad, because I was a human,
without fear. But they did, soon as they got past that, ran away, so I was left standing alone on that back porch.

I knew there was something dangerous in this situation. I felt it.
I remembered my friend Tony, from Windsor, had called me, a month earlier,
telling me of a dream he had, and saying that he HAD to call me, to warn me about it.....because
he loved me as a person, and didn't want anything evil to happen to me. He said in the dream there was some thing shaped like a box rolling down the hill coming at me. Sort of like the sound of thumpity thump under the house huh?
So as I stood there on the porch, proceeding to go down, towards that ever green tree which had only one branch moving, up and down, near the middle bottom of it....
I remembered what Tony Grey's dream was, and what he said to me....
to be careful.
So I stepped back inside instead of moving any closer to such utter strangeness which I have never experienced in MY life before.
I sure was glad I did. It felt like I tipped the scales by doing that.
So when I was inside again, those aweful strange animal sounds, like a donkey, and horse neighing, and an elephant and a bear and a bird screeching and metal agaisnt metal too, as the whole time that man's voice trembled in crying crying crying...
I realized that this may be a possession of sorts....but the creature seemed to be communicating to me, haha, specifically. I heard that they were not going to let up,
so I turned the radio on to drownout their sound.
I only just started flashing from station to station when I stopped at one and
suddenly, heard the sound of metal screeching against metal in the music being played.
Since it creeped me out, I changed the channel immediately. The next song was....


Wish YOU were here.

Well hello. I wish I was too...but I felt danger every step I took closer, so I couldn't be there.

The whole night was strange. After I heard that last song, I turned off the radio. They were clicked on to me like the aether all around you. There was no escaping it.
The moment I realized my boyfriend Gregory was NOT coming home, and this was the first time in six months where I'd known him, for him to pick that night to not show up at home...I was really beginning to see, there was something really big going on.
Gregory was not the kind of man who didn't show up at home at the end of the night, nor someone who didn't call to let you know, if he was going to be late. He was absolutely impeccable. Like the nagual Julian or Don Juan would be, were he one of them.
When he did show up that morning, before I had to go through even more ever weirder stuff, which I am not going to tell you about because it is so strange you might keel over,
after I told him what had occurred that night, he told me never to go near such a
situation as this. For, would I to have, I could have become, dead posssessed. And therefore, I realized, my friend Tony, had every correct intention of calling me to tell me of a strange dream he had and to warn me to be careful, because stuff is not always as it seems to be. Sometimes the robbers are disguised as friends, to trick you into following them
to your peril.
Now you see
I am still here, with thee.
Therefore, you too, take my advice. When you seee
something, when you hear something, when you sense something out of miss, do stay away from it. It could be a trap .... to take away your precious energy, which you need to survive here on this planet, until you find your right mind and can join your brother, the son, in heaven.

Am I mistaken?
Sometimes, but not often.

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