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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Awakening To The Big Picture

Hey, I found a really good site with intelligent thinking being done. Check out this excerpt. To link to the site, click on the title.


"If you don't believe that your choices have meaning, then what are you doing here? The only way to live powerfully is to embrace life and to believe in yourself!

This is dangerous (but exciting!) stuff, ladies and gentlemen, for it frees a human being from the dogma of currently established governments, so-called authority figures and experts, and religions, all of which seem to care more about money, control, and power than on making the world a better place.

It is time for humanity to end its dependency on authority figures!

Authority, in whatever form it takes, has merely filled the vacuum created by the great hunger of the race for guidance. But guidance from above is only necessary when individuals lack self worth and self trust. The time for that is now past! Each and every one of us must learn to think for ourselves, and consult that kernel of divine wisdom that exists within each one of us.

It is time for humanity to grow up! And that can only happen when each of us understands that we are more than a collection of firing neurons, blood and bones. The deluded philosophies of behaviorists, mechanists, and materialists have had their day, and are on their way out as a growing movement of higher consciousness takes root amongst the population of our planet.

Human Consciousness is Rapidly Approaching a Tipping Point

 Our species has not yet established a true civilization. The basic requirements of a civilized society is intra-species cooperation; based upon mutual respect and a shared concern for the welfare of all, the species that share our planet, and the planet herself. Mankind's current governmental, religious and corporate structures are hierarchic and controlling, where a few at the top make decisions for the rest. This is how the thousands can rule the billions, and why our societies, and our planet, has reached only a fraction of its true potential.

Controlling, hierarchical structures can only exist when individuals give up their power.

This was described perfectly by Erich Fromm back in 1941, in his seminal book "Escape From Freedom."

The dogma, prevarication, duplicity, and outright lies that pervade our political, economic, and religious structures result when individuals allow those without awareness of self to ascend to positions of authority. This problem will be solved when enough of us begin to understand our inherent spiritual nature, which results in a feeling of self worth. Worthy citizens will elect worthy representatives!

The third mission of this website is to help you to step back into your personal power.

You won't find any secret codes or magic formulas on this website. You won't find the 12 magical steps to happiness and wealth, because such a formula doesn't exist. You can't put happiness and success into a one-size-fits-all system, because it would take away your power! YOU ARE HERE TO FIND YOUR OWN WAY, and in that personal search, to find yourself. That discovery is what true success is, and it will result in all the happiness, inspiration, and passion you have ever imagined.

Life is designed to be a creative workshop, in which every individual gets to finds their own path to personal power and success. You get to define what success is for you, and the universe will back you up in every decision you make!

On this website you will find an intelligent and inspiring framework for understanding why life is the way it is, and how to determine what you want and where you are going in your personal life."

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