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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"If" You Don't Like Our Ego's...

Then Get The Fuck OUT Of Here. "Should" you take offense to this expression, look to your own lessons.

Would I to have somehow crushed your sense of Pride, well why in tarnations do you hold on to such a crumbling thing as pride? Don't fight back. That's not the lesson you taught us. Don't defend yourselves, would you to be greater than us, that is.

Why call me a fool? Why call me insane? Is it not YOU who chose to dictate your LESSONS to this lady from the Jewish persuasion, to spread it out of her doctors office, to us? Then deal with the consequences. Darling.

What did you say? That I don't know what I'm saying? Oh...you mean...there's a representative for a representative and you chose to represent Jesus Christ to us, willfully, knowing that you are not him indeed.

Do you know what CHRIST told me to do a few years ago. Well let me tell you. He spoke this way...."they say, don't do this, don't do that...don't do this don't do that don't eat this don't that don't this don't drink this don't drink that.....DON'T....that is what they will tell you. But I tell you, do anything your Soul desires."

That is what my friend, my brother, who knows me as a daughter, he said that to me. Thank you very much. You never mentioned anything about Daughter in YOUR discourse.

The Devil may take you and your teachings and tear them apart. Call me Ahriman at work. I'll do it. How would you like your breakfast Mankind. I'll serve it up to you. Hahahaa... Hahahaaa. Hey Rob Zombie, ahahaha what shall we do with these intruders?

Do you know what Father told me a short while ago, like just a few months ago? He said those intruders are not welcome here, and that they had best leave NOW. He told me to tell them to leave, as well as telling everyone here to do the same to tell them that. They are NOT welcome here. They may play their shinanigans, but they are blind in the sight of this would they to stick around. I am serious. Father backs me up.

We are not here to do contortions for you, strangers, aliens. Not that all aliens are strangers. Only those who are bothering here where they ought not be, ESPecially NOW after GOD, FATHER told me to tell them to leave. I am not known as BLACK for NOTHING. Father is beyond comprehension. I am not Father, and at the same time, I too am beyond comprehension, to strangers and aliens who do not belong here. GOOD BYE. That is RIGHT minded ness under stand?

I'm happy happy joy joy, can you tell? I mean for example, would you to not have ever had sorrow, how the fuck would you know joy? Oh I know, you know everything, like God, mh?

I'll show you what insanity can be like..like..like
Thow you sow dischord you are still in the musicianesses lair.
I mean Lyre.
Ludvic Van...uhm what was his name? anywya...come here.

Shall I collect myself, and gather myself and .. throw me on the fire, now?
Would that suit you? Fer sure huh? On the fire, like lunch mh?
I like a good fight. They just stir me up. Keeps the coals from growing dim under my feet.
Hahaha. What's wrong with a "good" fight? You yourselves taught this didn't you? in your course. Correct. Hahahaha. 'We have learned'....what have you all learned? "wee have learned".... right quite right, bluddy well right, I know you got a 'right' to say.

Heard the sheep this way. Walk this way. Hard the cattle over there, hardy har har. Stones and stooges, gee, they go together well. I have sitting before me precious and semi-precious stones, what a stooge am I. Doesn't a stooge truly mean a stand in? Like someone who represents someone else? Would that not be the correct definition then I stand to be corrected. Is there anyone out there who knows what the fuck?



                            You know what?

                  The Pleiadians said to us that our emotions are the best thing to rely on. Why? Because they're there for a good reason. Unlike you who have no recognized emotions, we actually recognize ours. Because though we are so oppressed by your envy, we are throwing out emotions on the "anger" and the "stressed" kind of way of being. When you leave us alone, we will be.... in peace.

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