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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do Unto Others, What You'd Have Done On To You.

Last night I had a dream.

A couple of nights ago, I asked don Juan to help me to be aware in my dreams so I can
go from waking to dream state consciously. That night I don't remember any of the
dreams. So I said, we'll move along on the same goal.

Then the next night, which was last night, he helped! It was wonderful. He sent my cat
Hunter, who is in the world of the dead, to me, to help me understand where I was when I
woke up.

In the dream I was with a bunch of people who were dead, literally. They could not allow
their own thoughts and emotions to come through. But I was natural. I was being myself
and showing my thoughts and feelings. I saw there were others who were working on
opening to show their thoughts and feelings but the dead beings all around them kept
shutting them up, making fun of them, making them feel stupid and powerless because
they would not allow those real things to come to recognition.

My cat Hunter was walking around and I put him in my cloth bag, zipped it up and moved
around. I opened the bag and let him jump out and do his discovering of the territory
where we were at, while I dealt with the other so-called humans who were there.

At one point in the dream I had Hunter in my bag and when I unzipped it to let him out, I
could see he was resting, like sleeping, he was so comfortable in my care that he just
relaxed in the bag. So when I opened it up to let him out I was gentle with him, because I
knew what kind of tense and ugly environment we were in, nevertheless we had to do our
stuff, so I let him out while I went to my business.

The males and females there were all the same, ugly like. When I spoke some words, and
now I was walking away, some guy started talking out loud so as to let everyone hear as
well as myself, but was not talking directly to me, just wanted me to hear him cutting me
down. He said something like, "oh those are emotions, well maybe she should learn to
control herself."

I kept walking to where I was going, which was leaving, so I had to put Hunter in my bag.
And while leaving I was thinking of what he said. I thought to myself how he is throwing
something at me and I am taking it and throwing it back at him, which results in him being
a cripple because he couldn't allow himself nor anyone else around him to be able to
express themself, he would to shut them up however cruelly he could. So I sent him back
his own thing, which translates that when he becomes reincarnated on this planet, he will
be a cripple for what he was doing to me and others. And when he comes to the earth in
his crippled body he won't know where it came from, but it will be his job to find out. He
can curse the gods or whomever he pleases but it won't change anything. It will only be
when he accepts responsibility for his own actions that he will realize he has created his
own crippled state. Then he may reverse it would he to work on allowing himself and
others to have the right to share their thoughts and emotions.

And as I thought about this, putting Hunter into my bag and zipping it up, I walked over
to where they all were and told them, starting with that guy who spoke against me. I said,
hey, you know what you just said earlier about me? Well I sent it right back to you. And
so now, you're a cripple. And that will be your fate. And since I've been here, all of you
have been very rude to me and to one another not ever allowing anyone to open up and
show their true colours, to be their real self. In that case, I send back to all of you all of
your efforts at destruction of truth and you are all cripples. When you are born into
physical reality, you will all be born cripple.

Then I walked away with the cat in my bag and into consciousness in my bed.

I had realized that I was in the land of the dead because my cat Hunter had died many
years ago, and his brother Lion was still alive on earth. So by having my cat Hunter in my
dream, I realized where I was that night, thanks to don Juan's creative help.

So I got to thinking about the properties I was using in my dream, to send back to them
what they were throwing at me. Well, I thought, isn't that something? I was throwing back
at them what they were throwing at me, so they could get a really close look at just what
they were creating. And I thought to myself that this is the act of someone pretty black.
And I remembered that the mother will burn everything and everyone of all the ugliness
and corruption that they have ... and when there is nothing left to burn, she will turn on herself and burn her own self up. What a great ending to a fascinating story. And, I LIKE it.


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