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Friday, February 1, 2013

Matter of Fact...

No. I oughtn't write: you ought to be careful what you wish for.
Because everyone knows that, already. Not that we listen to stored knowledge. Sometimes, ohpe...someone just said, ALL the time.... yes, but sometimes, we don't think about what we wish for, we only repeat what we've been told is the fact, but in reality, it may have only been a fact for that one time. Hahahaa... So what? Wanna hear it? You won't.

It's a matter of knowing it.
What's there to hear, what you already know?
What's there to see? than you've already seen?
sO? what's left? The scene. Haha

This poem of mine, is yours too.
We all talk, without knowing it, but we talk just the same.
Hahahahahaaa...aahh aaahh ah, Hahahahahahaaaaa ok.
You see what I mean? What even does the word "see" mean?
In context, everything. Discernment therefore, is needed.

Even Rob Zombie never wished for anything untrue. He always
knew, what he was looking for, to achieve. And so I've helped him.
I like people who know what they want, and want it well enough for me
to help them get it. Therefore, so are you, too, capable of getting what your
heart desires.

It isn't Just knowing it. It is too, a being in there, a doing of it, a complication
yet unknownst by you. But nevertheless you are on the right track and shall too know
it, for yourself. Yourselves, together. Because of that, hmhmhm, strange collective consciousness...
hahahhaa. that is why you will HAVE to know it together. That is nothing wrong there haha either. Who would I be to judge? when I am now going to be judeged? So what? ARE you crazy? Hahahaha

Finding Your Life's Purpose. You. What do you want?
 Hahahahahahaha. Yes you....
I'm still waiting....................................................

The Demons help me to feel alive, like I'm worth it, as the gay people help me to feel comforted.
I use to go to bars and feel like a sore thumb sticking out. Hmhmhm. Then I met the gay bars, and oh my, I felt like I belonged, even though I wasn't gay, they still made my stay, a lot easier. Thank you.

When you hear them, do you not hear them wail and cry?
Then why persecute them?
Would it not be most Christian, to love them?

Yes I'm Ahriman and I seem to be teaching? Christians? how to be?
Well I say to thee, for only the young in spirit will be, not spat out of heaven hahahaha.
No, that wasn't what I had in mind. Listen to your children. Don't you do what your big parent done.

Who IS Ahriman? A fucking bloody name, that's all. When have you ever heard a child speak? Did you think the child had lost IT'S mind? Because you didn't believe anything he said? Hahahahahaha
For sure. You do that to yourselves very often. Not believing in your own selves. How can I help you

to be free, one must believe in themselves. Who they are. Not whom occupies their body, like a personality. Someone who is real is a person without a personality. They ARE their personality.
That is who they are SUPPOSE to be. Not someone pretending to be someone they are not. U See?

Living Luminaries are not dead bushels of light.
They are not this nor are they that.
They are who they really be.


Did you ever wonder where you fitted in?
Well, if u're not Lucifer, nor Ahriman,
nor Christ... then, who are you?
Baba O'Riley?

You don't know the gratification of freedom until you're there. It is not some word spoken off the cuff just because it sounds good. It is REAL. Real as the form you're fitted in, with no escape, until you look at it. There is a cage appearing to hold freedom in, but freedom is not to be    caged

If I really was who I said I was earlier. If I really am Ahriman? Would you respect and love me?
Because you heard I was ever powerful and you have bowed down before lesser and worshipped them? Wouldn't you be just as crazy to believe me, as you would, hahaha, to believe a child?


In Other words,
Christ says
Speed the fuckin thing up. Ok?

Now we got to find out, what the fuck to speed up!
How about    our effort?
That would be the very best for all.

What is delusional? Hahaha. Sorry. It's time to talk about your disease.
I'm delusional. Right. And so are you then.

(Doc: Billy, you understand that you, the Princess and Simon are all in Mary?
Guest: Yes.
Doc: If Mary is sick, then all of you are sick. You want Mary to get better, huh?
Guest: Yes!
Doc: So, help her. Tell me about the night in...

Session 9 the movie script.)

Because you see there ain't no way of getting around responsibility. You are responsible for what you think. And sooner or later, your thinking comes out of your words. So your words, truly, hahaha, do not lie. We shall know you by the fruit. And that is how we deal. W don't go after a being whose fruit is whole, hahaha, think about it. What the fuck? We so would be wasting out time. We do though, a lot of testing. We must, continuously testothers. Aswe test ourselves. We must do it, for us. Our own excellence relies on others existence as well as our own existence. When a being feels caged enough by their surroundings, they begin to look for freedom from the cagedness. I'm gonna break, I'm gonna break my rusty caaaaaaaaaage, and ruuuun.
So you see. There is no game I'm playing with thee. I have been honest. As honest as I am allowed to be in such a condition as this. And at the same time, you already know that. By having listened to me earlier, you knew there was something more unusual to my style than what you are used to. So you see now, How, it is to tell the truth. Very scary. I was so frightened to be 'offed' I gave up many fullfilling and enriching experiences, so that I can be safe, hahahhaa, from your destruction of me.
It is true. You would have killed me, like you beat up gay people, just because you're ignorant. It takes a LOT of efffort to be in a place as dangerous as this. Shit, no wonder Christ asked me to help.
And it is no wonder I would help Him. He is so good. He's never judged me. He only helped me.
So doc.....I...helped him.
Yes Rob, it's me. From nineteen sixty....



"That's the being underneath the form, but you've go to be still for a moment when you look at that other human being, you have to be still for a moment  and look, and in that stillness you sense your own being, the spaciousness, the stillness, and then you can penetrate through the form, the other, and feel it, the same being, in the other...and you've transcended role playing and form identity and somebody else's form identity, and you still can function in the world of form, but you don't believe in the world of form, and you can function much better. Then people love you. They say he or she's so nice, "oh she's so nice!" What is SO nice about him or her? Zzzz, well? They don't know the answer, they feel somehow that something in them, is acknowledged by you. That him or her. And when they feel that something is acknowledged, that something is the transcendance of form, and so you become the 'popular'...because the essence loves you...."

Eckhart Tolle - The Mountain and the Valley

Oh, it's so lovely, I love him. Eckhart Tolle is such a good guy.

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