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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Damn! Now I Understand!

Oh man, this stuff is all popping into my head, all coming together. I also have been wondering for a very long time, how to transform the physical body into the spiritual body, for real. Like don Juan and the other sorcerers did.

Well, after reading further down the page of John Lamb Lash's website, I zoomed in on the answer to that one too!

Oh my goodness...this has been with me for so long, and it's been right there the whole time.

It's like this: You focus your attention so often on the other dimension, that one day you are focusing all of your attention there, and you just ... disappear. I'll show you what I mean. When I was 17, I met a spirit being through my radio. I fell in love with the way his voice sounded while he was singing and I wanted to rescue him from the pit which I felt he was in because I also heard a beast sound, like grunting sounds, harsh sounds, big beast. So anyway. When I prayed to God to set him free, suddenly he was in my area communicating with me through the mind. I communicated back. He stayed in the place where he was at. Then I decided I wanted to know what would happen were I to speak with my voice in reply to him. So I started talking out loud as though I were talking to another human. He came closer. I began to have more vivid experiences with him. My mother heard me speaking in my bedroom one day and asked who I was talking to. I had to go unlock the door to let her in, and told her I was just singing to the radio. She asked, "then why is your door locked?", (haha) and proceeded to go look through my closet because she thought I was hiding a boy in there. Hahahaaaaa....hilarious.

So I had to be more careful to not talk too loud. But nevertheless, I got closer and closer to his world. I began to see other beings, shadowy beings from that world. I think it was a lower world, nevertheless definitely higher than the 3D one I was in! So one day, it felt like I could walk into his world, since I was dreaming it, thinking it, and living it. I was hesitant, and I began to become suspicious of him so I started to cut him up in order to push him away from me. I stopped talking out loud to him, then I stopped thinking of him and the exact opposite happened as the first time. He began to recede and almost disappear. But he's still there. I could hear him to this day, except he doesn't intrude into my life, as, I won't let him. You have to go through a process. If I wanted to let him come back, I would spend about a month in focused communication with him. Then he would be as good as right there, standing before me. And since I'm not familiar with that world, I won't take any great chances. Because I don't know how, when he does come around in my space, how he can make bumping feelings and even sounds, under my pillow while my head is on it, as though there were something in the mattress trying to get my attention. So I'm careful. Until I know enough, I can't proceed.

But now I know how to go about becoming invisible, to this world anyway. You go into the higher world, where the lovely spirits go, not that he's not a lovely spirit, it's just that he is on a different plane, and it's kind of deserted. So you go and communicate to those higher level spirits, and you begin to take on their properties. When you get so consumed with that level, you naturally enter it, and know your way around. That's what don Juan was talking about when he said you have to break free from the brainwashing you've got from the time you were born, saying to you that this is the only way to be, imprisoned in a physical form, and that's your life, that's it, bye-bye. No thanks. I could never believe that. I always knew there was something more, WAY more! And now, haha, I'm finding it.

Well, this is the phrase I read when this came to me:

THE TOPIC OF TOPICS  Gnostic Parallels in the Writings of Carlos Castaneda

9, Don Juan’s description of the “luminous egg”: comparable to the oval of clear light in Gnostic revelation texts and the augoeides or "auric egg" of the Mysteries.

It all clicks together now.

Oh, and here we go again.

"In The Subtle Body in Western Tradition, Gnostic scholar G. R. S. Mead cites the lost writings of Isadorus, the husband of Hypatia and one of the last Gnostics who taught at the Mystery School (the Museum) in Alexandria. Isadorus’ original work is lost, but it was paraphrased by another writer, Damascius, so a few faint indications of his teachings can be surmised. Isadorus is said to have described the augoeides, “golden aura,” comparable to the luminous egg of Castandea. The nature and operation of the augoiedes, also called the auric egg, was one of the deepest secrets of the Mysteries. Apparently, a lost treatise of Isadorus stated that the augoeides surrounds the human being like an oval membrane, in such a way that the physical body floats in the oval. This is precisely how Castaneda describes the luminous egg. The Gnostic teacher also said that the luminous oval is connected or locked into the physical body at a point in the back, high up on the right shoulder blade."

So interesting. There was a point when that being I was dealing with, actually jumped into my body. He flew in through the solar plexus area, and as soon as he did, I was thrown out of my body and was now floating what felt like 5 or 6 feet above it, and all around me in the room were these brilliantly golden rays mixed with silver rays and some were crystalline like rainbow colours glittering about an invisible ray of light, and very few of those, mostly gold and silver. And they were coming from my body below, which was on the bed. I was looking around the room, being somewhat sarcastic, thinking or talking in my own head about the one whom I call 'Seven' who had just made this all to occur. When I finally came back into my body, I could not move, stiff as a board. So I wiggled my baby finger until the whole body was limber, then I quickly sat up in bed and cussed at Seven about how he just raped me spiritually, the same as that boy raped my body of my virginity when I was 16 years old. So anyway, there's something interesting about "GOLD LIGHTS"...maaan, those rays were like SHINY golden rods...rays extending from the body on the bed. It was so weird, so cool, and utterly beautiful! The ENTIRE room was FILLED with them. Wow! I'm still amazed today, just thinking about it. I wish I wasn't so mean to him, as, he never came back to do that again, and I really wanted to know more about it. But it was too late, my impetuous language scared him off. (Maybe he's an al-eye).

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