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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Mountain and the Valley.

This guy is So cool...
                                     I just love him.

It's like, . .  I like books, AND the internet. I don't just read off the internet just because there's some thing called whatsthemaziggy called? I like to have a nice piece of artwork in my hands and look at it, open the cover and read the print on the page, and therefore read that book in the space I'm at there. But I also, oh most definitely, like the computer too. I could take any one of those hundreds of PDF books I have stored in my memory, and read them too. On the internet.
You know what else I like? Letters. I don't only like the Email. I also like LETTERS. Those handsome pieces of artwork that you get and they're not a "bill" but theyr'e something so divine. Yes. I like letters you get in the mail. Ha! Hahaha. Mountain, valley. All good.
 The old, and the new.
Then, and now. What does that mean?

At around 36:55 he talks of something that goes like this. "If your life is missing that one dimension of  yourself, then your life is one-dimensial. Sort of like saying that you look outside of your self and the mirror is cracked right back at   you, appearing one dimensional. When you stop looking from outside your self and start looking from that space, that one dimension inside of you, then you are whole, not two pieces, but one. That's what I think I'm seeing here now, cracked yet?

Fabrics! That's what I'm talking of right now. Fabrics are things you feel in your hand. They hold a certain shape, texture, and 'feeling', so that you know, this is fabric. Now think about the atmosphere all about you as though it were a fabric. How does it hold its shape? How does it feel? How does it feel Hahahahaa. That is how we can define the ether. As a type of fabric in which threads break down to the finest and the thinnest strands, you can see through them, let alone, haha, communicate with them be in em. Workin it? Something like that.


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