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Friday, February 1, 2013

Two Cool Incidents.

I got two cool new things to say. One and two incidents separate from each other. The first incident seems to have occurred, whereas now I was shown a second one.

This is what I'm talking about. Michael and I were partying around the time after my younger sister Rosy passed. He was such a blessing to have around then. I didn't know I needed him, until later when he wasn't around alot and I started to think about her again. He just pops in whenever I seem to be having a terrible breakdown, and I don't even recognize that I'm having a breakdown until he shows up and I realize he's here for a purpose, so I use my time well with him and look deeper to find the answers. It always helps when he comes around. I love him so much! He's SO good!

So back then, when he was around, I was going through a weird situation with myself. My two sisters are like the link of a triangle with me. Molly, Mary, and Rosy. We're like a tripple. And when Rosy passed away, oh my gosh suddenly a river of thoughts came through me raging like nothing I'd ever experienced before. The thoughts were all high-end. I mean, really substantial and etheric in substance, but such a substance oh my! And I wanted to collect them all and make some physical reality out of them but I was in such internal pain, as well as joy, because I knew my sister was being taken care of by Christ. There was a message by my other sister-in-law, from her friend, that my sister was helped through. So Michael was listening to all my questions, and then silently, at the near end of the night, he just put his finger to his lips silently, as though to say "shhhhhh."

So I stopped talking and thinking, and just immersed myself in what that image meant, and could mean. The next few days when I had a pouring forth of thoughts and I wanted to talk them all through so as to remember everything and to make more sense of them all, I remembered the vision of Michael with his finger to his lips, and so I quieted myself down. I did that often. Then one day, I didn't need to do it anymore, because I remembered so often that I did it naturally so I needed not anymore reminders.

Then after the incident of some other kind of pouring forth of other emotions that were like an ocean in depth, he came over, just a few days ago. Before he left, as he was putting on his jacket, he made another sign. It was: he put his finger to his eye and down his nose, which reminded me of tears, of tears no more. Hahahaha! Isn't he brilliant? I love him. He's too good. So all those things that I had to go through, all packed up together so that this sign when he gave it to me, was easily understood.
Besides, while I was at the club across the street just the day before Michael came over, I heard a spirit say "emotions." And I had to wonder what that meant. I wondered all day and all night. Then when Michael came along and gave me that symbol, I had understood.

So there you go. Those are my two cool things to say for today.

Red Rose

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