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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sweet Tails of ...

Beautiful. I've got your attention!

Sweet tales of delight. Have you ever heard any?
Good. I'll tell you all about mine.


It's a way of telling someone to do something they don't really want to,
and saying it's ok, because it's in 'your' favor.

Now how does that combine into the whole, or so they call it. ?

How is everybody today?
I'm so glad you're well. This morning I saw a funeral
as I walked out of the house to go buy what I neeeeeeded.
There was this most beautiful processin goin on down the street,
and it was so pleasant, when a man in one of those herst cars with his wife
looked out the window and he smiled at me, and I know why because he recognized
that I was standing at the side of the road waiting for the procession to go by before I  jumped
into the road to cross it. Hahahaaa. So it was nice.
Further down the road I encountered these strange engines screaming and flashing lights,
they were on their way to an "accident" up ahead. What? After I just saw a funeral? So my mind gets
thinking and I'm now wondering what may have happened to those involved in the accident ahead,
since I just saw a funeral procession go by.
Whell, I will tell you. Not much goes on but the Spirit
The Spirit of Life. It shows itself up everywhere, whether it be in darkness
or night, spiritless or light. What ever way you want, even that you don't want, and as well,
hahaha, that which you are not aware of..... Spirit is there.

PeeKaBoo I can see you, and I know what you do. Because I do it too.

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